Post Office Surveys

Hi All, does anyone know if the post office compliance surveys are long with 6 or more narrative dialogue sections? I've only completed smartphone assignments for this company.

Thank you!

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There is not much narrative at all. There are quite a few yes/no and short answer questions, like timings.--Hope that helps

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I have only done the post office shops. Do the smartphone and other shops they have require long narratives? I am also curious about the bonuses. I have never seen a bonus offered on a shop with this msc but when I sign in to look for shops and then scroll down to the available for back up shops there seem to be a large number with $15 bonuses on them. How do people find out about the bonuses? Bonuses are rare in my town but this msc appears to give them out to some shoppers nearby.
The smartphone surveys are short and sweet, I rarely type anything. As for the bonuses, I received a bonus once. I assume the MSC offer bonuses for hard to fill locations. There is one phone provider shop that requires retaining a lot of details. Do you enjoy USPS shops and if so which one? I'm determined to try one this week.
I thought about doing a smartphone shop but figured it would be lengthy. Perhaps I'll pick one up and try it but what if it's the detail-y one 0_o haha.

Deemcdaniel, I do the PO shops and my fave is the Dim Weight but they do not seem to have them any more...and there is no test for those this year. All the post office shops are similar with small differences but I was able to send a larger weight package to zone 7 and 8 with the Dim Weight shops. Now I have to do 2-3 regular jobs to send the same amt to my kids that are in far zones.
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