What kind of card do you charge your expenses to?

@bgriffin wrote:

I'm curious for those of you who attempt to maximize your rewards how much per year you actually "make" doing that?

I was curious, so I looked it up. I got the BOA Cash Rewards card at the beginning of 2nd quarter last year and I made just over $241 in 2016. That was cash money deposited into my account. Not a windfall, but a nice boost.

I like points, and have used them before, but last year when it was time for a new card, I wanted something with cash rewards. I don't care about the interest rate because I don't carry a balance but I didn't want a fee for the card to offset my earnings. The calculator on nerdwallet lets you factor all of those things in. When I put my info in, it gave me a list of the 5-6 best cards for me. When I saw that one of them could be obtained on a Mystery Shop, it was a no brainer.

Shopper in California's Bay Area

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