Chevron gas shops

I had always paid my $5 purchase in cash. Now was told that when the fast pay option is available at gas pump, must use a gift card and not a credit card to pay for that $5 gas purchase. I can use cash only if the fast pay option was not available at gas pump. So, let me see. In order to do a chevron shop, I had to buy a gift card first. Must load it with enough currency amount to cover my gas shops. Who bothers with gift cards?

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Not sure if the MSC is the same, but I just did my first Chevron mystery shop a few days ago and paid with my debit card at the pump. I didn't see any instructions against that.
I have always used a debit or credit card. I thought it said in the instructions that you couldn't use a gift card. If you are talking about the same MSC I am thinking of.
That was the voice mail message that was left on my phone. No cash purchase but only if the fast pay option was not available. Said that couldn't use a credit card but did not mention anything about debit card usage.
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