Gas station MS-CC apps, name tags and "authorized" shirts

I did three gas station MS last week and I swear I couldn't find CC apps inside two of the three stores. There was so much merchandise all over the counter, I don't know if I just missed them or if they were behind something or if they really weren't there. The store where I found them inside, the apps were right next to the front door and the front door was adjacent to the payment counter. It made sense to have them there, I suppose. I guess I'm wondering if it's usually hard to find these or are the gas stations around me a little lazy when it comes to these things. None of the employees had on name tags or authorized shirts. The stores seem to be independently owned so how much trouble do these shops really cause the store owners?

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Not uncommon for the station with employees wearing street clothes to also be lax with the CC Apps. Some stations really seem to want to do well with their scores, while others couldn't care less. Having said that, if this is the shop I am thinking of, then the MSC encourages you to ask the attendant about the CC Apps and other item at the end. You're free to then report them as not being visible if you want, if they had to remove a bunch of things blocking their view.

Most store owners care to the point of wanting to at least pass. I've also have had one tell me he doesn't care and his station will just become something else if needs too. (A year later that is now an unbranded station and a rust pit, so it didn't go according to his plan).
I would hope the store owners dont get in too much trouble, cause they do not wear name tags or approved shirts. well, if they are required to then they should. Probably the client will be giving them a headsup. I hope they are better in my next round.
I find that it is not uncommon for there not to be credit card apps visible inside the store.... Either that or I just struggle to find it among all the other stuff on the counters. Either way, a "no" is an appropriate answer. If the apps are not visible for somebody actively trying to find them, how is a customer going to see them and be motivated to pick on up on a whim? If they are not readily visible, they might as well not be there at all for all intensive purposes.... Of course, we just write down whether or not we see them.

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I have found the CC and Plenti apps over by the sink behind the coffee bar. I took a pic to show that the apps were not around the register or the retail counter.
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