Grrr.... I guess it's my turn....

Well..... I did several very similar shops for a certain large MSC this weekend. I scoree well on all of them, except one...They were simple shops.... On that one, I was given a "1" with no explanation. I can buy that I had typos. I can believe that I did not fully explain something well. However, those generally result in a request for clarification. I submitted it well before it was due. The strangest part: they seem to be honoring my reimbursement - though not the pay. I have gone back and checked the guidelines and additional notes. I did the shop during the correct times. I performed the correct scenario. I took the correct pictures.

I've written a polite note to my contact requesting an explanation a couple hours ago... Let's see how this goes....


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@7star wrote:

What MSC company was it ?

I'll post that once it is resolved (or not). It could be a simple error on their part. Or, I might have really screwed something up. I just don't wish to disparage the company in any way if it's either my fault or something they correct on their end. I may give them kudos if they handle it well. If not....
I think that the OP is handling this in a professional manner. Let's just support that and await developments.

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Alas: it is on me. I give Intelli-shop kudos for getting back to me quickly with a clear explanation. I did a parking shop on Saturday and forgot to ask the cashier to sign the register receipt. It's a new requirement for the client as of last month and shops cannot be accepted without said signature. It's in the notes, I just spaced asking it when he didn't do it.... I got his picture. His name was printed on the receipt by the register. His nametag matched the name on the receipt....... #$?! signature.

Live and learn.

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I understand you didn't shop it exactly as stated but to give you a 1 rating, that is harsh. You did everything else correctly. Based on you are saying, you got his picture, name on receipt, that should be enough.
Do I think the requirement is silly? Yes. Is there any doubt as to the identity of the cashier? No. Does it feel weird to ask for somebody to sign a receipt on which his name is electronically printed? Yes.

However, those are the instructions and it was made clear enough that it was a requirement of the client. If the client won't pay Intelli-shop for my work, I can't really demand that Intelli-shop pay me. I am guessing that this rule is in place because a shopper caught one of the client's cashiers doing something very incorrectly, but was unable to properly deal with the problem due to a lack of ability to proof that, in fact, it was the same cashier. Our job cannot be to question the client's motivations and demands. Our job is to fulfill them. If we can't or won't, we have the option of not taking the work.

Overall, I am still in good standing with the MSP and I got the impression that they felt bad about not being able to pay me. My average rating is still a "9" with them. Lesson learned.

@7star wrote:

I understand you didn't shop it exactly as stated but to give you a 1 rating, that is harsh. You did everything else correctly. Based on you are saying, you got his picture, name on receipt, that should be enough.
Exactly why I dislike Intellishop and their pedantic editors. They got all the relevant information to verify the shop and the attendant. Total BS to not pay you for your work on a small oversight.
I disagree. This was something the client required. Intellishop didn't get paid, either. It feels like a small error in the context of the shop, but to the client it was clearly a big deal. This signature was a new requirement, which suggests that one of us caught a cashier cheating and the cashier challenged the report, denying that s/he was the one who cheated. The signature would remove all doubt. The client asked for it. It was clearly written in the instructions. I spaced it. It's on me.
Wow, that is harsh especially when it is a brand-new requirement that you missed. I wonder what would happen if the cashier refused? What if he just "signed" it with a squiggle, or not in his real handwriting? Seems like a non-solution.

BTW do they give you any reasons to tell the cashier why you want him to sign the receipt? I've never heard of such a thing! If they doubt his identity, just take a photo. Nowadays everybody asks for selfies for dumb reasons, or you could take it stealthily.

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I understand the rules of the shop but for me it's just too many proofs to get. But to each their own.
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