Blue gas station and the Plenti program

As many blue gas shops that I do on a monthly basis, I am curious to know if anyone has taken advantage of enrolling in the Plenti rewards program and using the card during your shops. I have never read anything from the MSC stating this would be any type of violation. A single shop would earn 3 points, multiply that by several dozens locations, and there is a plethora of points to be earned. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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They way I understand it----->if the retail ask Us, if we have a P-card, we are to say No. It is then up to the Retail to tell Us, about the Program. This all happens before the reveal. By this point, you also have your gas receipt and your in-store receipt. If you used "Your" P-card, then the retail will not have reason to explain or ask you about them.

Your problem will be, if you use your P-card without the Retail explanation it will be on your receipts. If you respond to the question on the survey, inaccurate, then your shop will be rejected.

If the Retail is doing their job, they will explain the P Program to you. And give you a P card after they have successfully explain the program. Even if you have one.

Keep in mind, the Client is one of the sponsors for the P-Program. Records can be checked. So if there is a plethora of points to be earned, earn them on the Right use and not on the wrong use. smiling smiley smiling smiley
Thank you for the honest feedback! I would not want to jeopardize my relationship with the MSC so I will err on the side of caution with this one and not sign up. I am glad to have this forum to bounce ideas off of one another!
While it is in your best interest not to use the P card on your gas station shops. You can sign up for the card and use them on other Client sponsors shopping.----------->RiteAid, Macys, AT& T, Chili's, Direct Energy, Enterprise, Expedia, Hulu, Nationwide, BI-Lo, winn-Dixie, Harveys, and American Express. WalGrens.

So you see the card does have it rewards. If these other Clients have MSC program then they should lets us know how they want us to approach the P-program.
I use it only on the gas purchase because receipts almost always print at the pump and if it doesn't I get the receipt inside after the in store purchase is rung up.

I use it on gas purchase but deny having one in store. Of the many dozens I have done, I've only been asked three times if I was a member.
I don't see anything in the guidelines against using it at the pump, but I am not willing to take even that small risk for 5 cents worth of points. I'm probably being overly cautious. I had been using it inside this quarter if the employee asked me about it, since the form doesn't care if they try to sign me up, but after looking at the guidelines I see I am still supposed to deny having the card, so I will go with that from now on.
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