How do I report this?

I went to a shop today. The requirements were to do it between 9 and 5. I got a message asking me to do the shop this afternoon, so I went as quickly as I could and got there at 4:40. I entered and asked to meet with someone as per requirements. The receptionist asked "Do you want to make an appointment for tomorrow? We close in a few minutes."

Do I make the appointment? Do I report this as is? The shop was bonused, so I don't want to lose it.

Any help would be appreciated...........

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Say, "I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow. Anyway I can see xxx person now?

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Report as it happened. If they want you to go tomorrow, they will let you know. If not, it may be out of your control... You can only do so much to drop everything and make is across town or wherever. Also 4pm is not a fun time to drive anywhere. Good luck!

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