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We've been staying with Oldest Son and his family for the past few weeks. I didn't complain, but the bed we're sleeping in isn't the greatest. They independently mentioned that the next time we come out for a long visit they will take us to buy a new mattress. It will really be strange to actually be a buyer!
@metro25782 wrote:

@KathyG wrote:

Mattress shop, then investment bank.

I think the only customers you see in mattress stores are other mystery shoppers

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
Kathy, that's by design. You don't want guests to get too comfortable. That's what hotels are for!

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Today was three convenience stores and Five Guys.

The first convenience store went sideways. The remote for their register was down. Customers had to do self checkout and were not given receipts.

There are some convenience stores I will patronize. This was not one of them. I quit the shop without making a purchase and let the scheduler know what was going on.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
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