Employee Mystery Shopper Cheat Sheet at grocery store

I was shopping as a regular shopper at a grocery store today when I saw this sign tucked behind the counter. I only saw it because I was pinned against a bakery display case by other customers. Normally a customer would not have been able to see this sign easily. I also "shop" this store and I found it interesting that they know the scenario we have to present for the shop. I have tried to actually post the picture of the sign but haven't figured out how to do it. The message said:

Mystery Shop Pointers
--ask cake ???s
-suggestive sell (candles, etc)
-suggest cake slice table
OR cake of the month

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I was once kindly allowed to use the staff's bathroom in a furniture store (as the costumer toilet wasn't working) and found a similar sign just opposite the toilet. "Customer wants to buy a sofa - ask A, B, C, D. Customer wants to buy a bed - ask E, F, G, H." And so on. In the questionnaire, you had to mark if exactly these questions were asked - did the salesperson ask A? B? C? D?
Aw, that kinda sweet. To think of it from the other side. I mean, I don't have a scenario that asks specifically about cake, do you? But the study card is something we use, so why not them? Everyone is participating to make the retail world a better place! Lovely.
At a grocery I shopped regularly I went to the customer service desk which was not part of the drill. Someone had written a sign that said "We scored 95% on our last mystery shop!" @-@

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My local Meijer posts their best shop reports on a bulletin board that can be seen by customers!
I haven't seen any of those recently but years ago I used to do shops at Staples. When I went to check out the bathroom there was an employee bulletin board right there that had listed the MS requirements for that month. It was amazing how many still did badly on it.

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Along those lines.....I have occasionally seen posts on this forum about being "outed" as a mystery shopper and how they were banned from those future assignments as a result. I'm wondering.....what on earth would ever motivate an employee to identify a shopper?
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