rude scheduler

Hi I'm Mashea I joined today because a scheduler just pissed me off I don't want to be negative but there are some scheduler that just rub me the wrong way I've had 2 so far and I started shop June 2017 I hope when I get in that position that I remember people are human

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So you are interested in becoming a scheduler instead of a shopper?

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Sometimes schedulers have a bad day, sometimes some of them are just ones I don't want to deal with. There are a lot of companies out there and a lot of schedulers. Try not to burn any bridges, if possible, but I am sure you will find schedulers that you will like to deal with. Welcome to the forum! Read as much as you can here, I am sure you will see some other shoppers have had similar situations.
You will find both rude schedulers and rude editors... Think they probably think the same on the flip side of the coin.
I have been shopping for 17 years and only had 5 borderline rude schedulers or editors the whole time. Now maybe demanding editors from time to time but I didn't find them particularly rude.
Welcome to the forum.

I've never had a scheduler be rude to me. But, there's at least one scheduler who can't say the same about me sad smiley Your subject line says they were rude, but your post says they rubbed you the wrong way. That's not the same thing.

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We didn't hear what the schedulers did that was rude. OP just said they rubbed her the wrong way. That's more of a reflection on OP than the schedulers. Getting "pissed off" by two different schedulers doesn't bode well for OP. Without schedulers she won't get assignments.
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We both started shopping about the same time, it looks like (though I technically had experience from several years ago as well). Yesterday I got a grade back on a shop that had the editor and I not already corresponded I would have thought was patronizing. In fact for a split moment I did. But then I realized she wasn't, she was just making absolutely sure I knew why I got the grade I did and how to fix it for the future. Tone is sometimes hard to convey, but because she and I had a couple of interactions prior to the grade, I knew she wasn't being as patronizing (or even angry sounding) as her scoring would have suggested.

I am NOT saying that your editors weren't rude. They may have been, but sometimes its because we have our own emotions at play. Very few of us take correction easily.

Kudos on not naming names. Vent away. I think most of us understand the frustrations that come about doing these jobs.

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I am NOT saying that your schedulers weren't rude. They may have been, but sometimes its because we have our own emotions at play. Very few of us take correction easily.
i think u might be confusing schedulers & editors. most cases schedulers & editors are different people. many do not know each other because they are ic just like us & prob like in different parts of country. we need to work w/both types so easier to get along & communicate than not receive any new shops.
Yeah, I meant editors. I didn't confuse their job functions (I know the difference), but just mixed the words up when typing. I mean, considering I actually used the word "editors" to start with. *RME*

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My Schedulers are the best, really nice....a couple Editors, way too picky and seem to have a chip on their know who you are....Service Check and Intell......whoops I did it again.

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nevermind! This is a rhetorical question.

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Just put them on your shugar list; the one where you don't take their shops without a bonus to cover your aggravation.

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