Over a given year, where do you get your best earnings?

I clean up on the $10 Western Union shops. The pay is great, scenarios are a lot of fun, and the reports are easy...,

Ok, maybe not. It is different every month for me. Can't seem to get highly bonused shops in my area.

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Im new to the forum, hello everyone. Senior homes and apartment shops are money. I do ten a month and made $500. The loweat is 30 per apartment.
That's a lot of free peanuts! :-D

In a word: Apartments

In a few more words: They make up almost 49% of my earnings YTD. Averaging $44.77 per shop.
Prepaid cellphone and gas station shops, especially when bonused! While many here are not big fans of this MSC because their pay starts out at the pauper shopper level, when the end of the month comes around and that pretty green "make an offer" sign appears, I get giddy! Lol. In my 4 years of mystery shopping, I've made the most of my money and had the most consistenly with that MSC.
@timgordon2448 wrote:

Prepaid cellphone and gas station shops, especially when bonused! While many here are not big fans of this MSC because their pay starts out at the pauper shopper level, when the end of the month comes around and that pretty green "make an offer" sign appears, I get giddy! Lol. In my 4 years of mystery shopping, I've made the most of my money and had the most consistenly with that MSC.
Just curious, what is the starting price for a prepaid cellphone shop? Is it considered a retail shop or wireless shop? It seems like the company you are referring to has so many different shops having to do with cellphones and/or cellphone service.
I see them at $9, I see them at $11, I see them at $7.50, and I see them at $15. I won't take one for less than $15 and that has to be within 10 miles of home. If it's 15 or 20 miles I want $20, and so forth. I too love that MSC that has the "make an offer" feature. I have gotten $40 more than once.

Edited to add that there are several companies who do cell phone shops.

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I got $50 for one of those prepaid cell phone shops once with a make an offer msc. That's never happened again but it was cool when it did.
If it is a 'regular box shop" you have to prepare the package before you go to the post office and take pictures of it. They always require a weight limit of at least one pound. I have done several of these that have not paid because I was an ounce or two short of the limit. Problem is, I don't have a scale at home to weigh the package before I go to the PO. so I don't know if it is under weight or not. When you get to the window, you have to time how long you were in line, and then how long the transaction took. Then, you have to wait for the clerk to offer options, and you "have to" mail it priority mail. That is the most expensive rate. If you aren't offered priority, you have to say you want it that way. The "hazmat shops" are another animal altogether. The liquid and other chemicals in the package make these shops more than I want to do for the pay offered. Hope this helps.
I have a postal scale. It's a worthwhile investment and also a tax deduction as an office expense.

For hazmat shops you are NOT supposed to really be putting that item in the box, you just say that you did.

Edited to add that the hazmat shops are way easier, and most of the time the post office will not send the package if it contains hazardous materials (although sometimes they will send it ground). There have been times where I kept the same box for 4-5 different shops because the clerks refused to send it.

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I'm not aware of any MSC shopping Macy's and Nordstrom's for the stores. If there are, we cannot say due to forum guidelines and ICAs. I have seen shops to see if associates offer you credit cards in those stores offered by several MSCs.

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Unfamiliar with Airline shops. Is this for ticket reimbursement?
What type of compensation for this type of shop. Kindly explain what this one is and where I'd look.
Post office and fast food shops that are a distance away and require lots of driving to.
@fabulousred1 wrote:

What company offer new home shops?

Our ICA's and forum rules restrict sharing the answer. It is best to sign up with as many MSCs and go from there.
dmp777, that's not entirely true, if someone asks about new home shops and does not mention a specific business, it's okay to name the MSC. As far as I know, most of the new home shops are video shops with covert cameras. But the second part of your post is entirely correct. It's best to sign up with as many MSCs as possible to find the information out.
Depends on who is offering, I see some that never put on a bonus then there are some that do. I like to wait for most shops to be bonused before I take them. Sure I may lose a few if waiting to long when an eager beaver pops in to grab it. But for the most part I like the better pay, my time is worth more than minimum wage.
Banks, new homes, Medicare, Insurance, autos, clothing/retail, shoes, phones, cosmetics, restaurants, , mall audit

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I make $400 a year doing normal banking at my credit union. $12.00 for depositing a check. All branches are located within 10 miles of my home.

MSPA Gold Certified 2003

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Back in the day, I jumped on a particular client where I could grab 30-35 of their locations with maxed out bonuses and complete them over a weekend. I did this for a while until the scheduler’s manager put it to a halt lol. This lasted throughout 2014.

Then there were more for a different client for a different MSC and client and racked up around the same amount in terms of quantity and negotiated bonus amounts. Total pay and hourly rate I managed to produce was nearly the same as the above. Those lasted for a while as well throughout 2015-2016.

Then recently, I found an amazing money maker for 2017 for a temporary project for around 25-30 location within the span of 2 days, plus $5 reimbursements per location. Good times.

Sometimes repetitive is a good thing to maximize your hourly rate. Whenever a great bundle of projects comes around, I’ll find it and squeeze it like hell.

To answer the question, usually the shops where I’m able to negotiate a higher fee (unless the base fee is appropriate which sometimes DOES happen) where I can grab a large quantity where I can get myself in a groove through repetiveness are my money makers. I don’t stress that much when the work dries up or the project’s temporary, as I’m sure I can find other work and my work in this industry is secondary/optional anyways.

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 28 year old male and willing to travel! Badged for Denver International Airport.

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Most of my convenience store shops are a brand that has gas at most of their locations. I do have to look at pumps and supplies briefly but a gas purchase is not part of the shop. I love them because I can do 5 in an hour and report on an app on my phone.

Edited--typing on my phone.

I love doing gas stations. What company do you do them for?
Bank shops are consistently well paid; especially when bonuses are added. I started out just doing apartment shops in Maryland, but there are not many apartment shops in this area of WA, plus getting your target on the phone to set appointment can be difficult and there is much more writing involved.
I do new home development shops, and they are NOT video. Just did one, you always need a new identity
as they have a very sophisticated computer system.

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This year it is turning out to be online shops and phone calls. Who knew I could make so much from staying home?

Doing what I can to enhance the life of my family! I LOVE what I do smiling smiley
I make a lot of money doing price audits and also love doing them. Once you get familiar with the store, they are fast and I get my own groceries at the same time.
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