Has anyone shipped to puerto rico on mailing shop?

The guidelines say any zone except zone 0. P. R is zone 8. Wanted to send care packages using the shop. Lmk if anyone has done this!

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I have mailed one or two things to PR on a shop before and it went exactly as scripted. The only issue I had with one of them was the clerk was not able to find the exact address in their system. The package was still sent off and was received on the other end. It took much longer than the advertised 2-3 days, but it did get there. Some of the addresses are not seen as vetted by the post office, but the local mail carriers seem to know what the address is and where to deliver.

What a great idea using the shops to send some care packages to PR. Good karma to you!

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Yeah, it would be really cool if IPSOS would approve any additional postage required for shoppers to send packages to Puerto Rico. Shelf stable food staples such as rice, canned soup, tuna, etc. would be good to send but if we aren't allowed to send over 2 lbs without additional reimbursement it would end up costing shoppers money unless they approved additional weight.
yes. Though I am ok with going over a little on a case like this!! I have a connection... family of friend of a friend... anyways. So directly going to send things to them. Also hoping to get some hazmat ones b/c those are specifically zone 5-8 so that would be perfect since its zone 8.... I figure every little bit helps, they are even asking for things such as word puzzles, etc and i have plenty of that stuff at home... So I am pretty excited... I did a similar thing last year after the earthquake in Ecuador by shipping some care packages to florida which went on a shipping container full of supplies to help them.

Thanks for the input!! I encourage others to do the same! I have this address that i can dm to anyone who wants, they will distribute between their town also if they receive a lot of things, etc.
My brother's wife has family there. It's a pretty horrible situation.

The problem with the hazmat ones is if they refuse to ship it, and since it can't go ground to PR, it's likely that they won't accept the package.
Update. They can go ground... Just by boat!!! So one of the packages went that way. My others have been arriving and shops are being validated!!! I had to go a little over the reimbursement but felt it was worth it!
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