Papa Johns Carryout- How do you report the tip?

I am really doubtful, despite the guidelines stating so, that tipping will be reimbursed for the carryout shops: The carryout shop report does NOT have a space for the tip- but the delivery shop does. The carryout shop is clear that only the amount on the box is supposed to go in the price box. The MS company is not making it easy when thier reports are not up to date.

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You're right that the carryout report doesn't have a space for the tip. However, my tip is shown on the receipt, and I haven't had an issue with being reimbursed for it.
I have had two denied now for the tip. If I could post screen shots, I would but apparently it's frowned upon to share company emails. I even sent proofreader and editor email screen shots. They claim it was a typo... but you don't typo in 15 characters stating that a $2 tip is included. A typo is a character or two that was transcribed incorrectly -- not a complete sentence -_- smdh. I'm very disappointed with them this week as they've always been great until now.

I finally, finally, finally got an answer from a Papa Johns Scheduler (Good LUCK on getting an answer if you use their "contact/help" icon, I only got an answer after I replied to her direct email soliciting shoppers for a PJ shop): Anyhooooooooooo: She said that carryout tips are NOT reimbursed!!! WELL WHY THE HELL DOES EVERY SINGLE CARRYOUT SHOP FORM STATE THAT A TIP WILL BE REIMBURSED??!!!! Sloppy, sloppy attention to detail on the scheduler's part. So the MS made a huge error in stating that carryout tips are reimbursed- according to the scheduler they are NOT reimbursed, despite the guidelines stating that is is reimbursed.


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Yep. Same story here and from a couple of others too. I got the whole --- it was a typo -- even after sending the scheduler their own email screen shot back to them where it was spelled out that a carry out would have a $2 tip reimbursement. That is not a typo. Again, a typo is accidentally saying a $20 tip will be reimbursed instead of a $2 one. A typo is not a complete sentence/statement telling shoppers they will receive a tipping reimbursement on their carryout shop for $2. They need to suck it up and pay their shoppers.

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