Grocery shops

Anyone have any feedback on the grocery shops (Jewel)? I want to try one and it’s $17 but you have to visit like 6 different departments, including customer service, and get names of everyone. Seems like a lot.

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It depends on time of day how quickly the in-store part can go. If you go right at 7 am, the pharmacy is most likely closed and the service desk is hardly ever manned so you can cut out two of the interactions. They are picky about how the narratives are written but after a while, you get used to it and I can now get the shop and report done in about 30 minutes total. I usually wait till they are a little more heavily bonused though.
Look through the search bar for "grocery shops" and you're sure to find company names. We can't tell you who shops which chains, but if ya hang around enough you'll find a ton of companies who do chains smiling smiley

North Fork and Marketforce do grocery stores in the northeast.

Please fix your cap lock key.
6 departments is pretty standard for most grocery shops. Some don't require too much detail (Trendsource, Northfork). I jot/text info after I leave each department.

At my local grocery I don’t even see six different employees walking around so I don’t know how I would do this lol.
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