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My husband did a fine dining shop last night that was cash integrity and I was his guest of course. The service was HORRIBLE, the food was alright but the exceptionally strong smell of cigars coming from the bar made me sick to my stomach. I left with a horrible headache and had to shower as soon as I got home as well as put my clothes in the washer. My husband said the report didn't ask about service or quality...... I'm wishing it did because I would like someone to know how horrible it was!

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Yikes, no smoking here at all....many areas have banned smoking within 25 feet of an establishment. I can't imagine where you live, we do have cigar places, but no restaurant ....guess you won't be doing that again...sad smiley

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I don't smoke, but loved Florio's in NYC before Chinatown enveloped Little Italy. It was like something out of a Fellini movie. There's a huge difference between upscale cigar smokers and cheap, nasty things out of a drug store.

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It sounds like the client's only concern was cash integrity. It would seem that service and smell are not a concern. Unless the fee was worth the headache and extra laundry, I would add this to my ten foot pole list.

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