Frustrations with schedulers (rant)

Earlier in the month. Scheduler lists dates for a shop being the 7th thru the 10th, which had been 1st to 4th, then 4th to 6th,. I send email on the 6th saying I can do it on 12th. Scheduler says no, must be done by 10th. They are still looking to fill this location. They got most of their locations done for the project, but not this one.

It's November 16. Scheduler calls me for shop. I say I am too busy before Thanksgiving, but I will do it on the Monday after. Scheduler says no, absolutely must be done by the 22nd. I reply that I can't, sorry. Shop never fills. Yesterday, the scheduler sends mail for same shop, to be done "between 11/27 and 29." It's the same shop, not a different shop.

Another shop... must be done by 22nd. I email that scheduler and say I can do it on 27th. No, Must be done by 22nd. Ok, then. They are still sending emails for it, too.

Seemed to be a thing this month. None of these schedulers wanted to schedule anything for this week. It all had to be done before thanksgiving..... yet, here they are, desperate to fill them. Each of the above is a different MSC and different scheduler. Too bad for them, none of them were particularly high paying.

Why can't they just be honest and at least say they **want** it filled by a date instead of saying it ***must*** be.

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@Jessica525 wrote:

Why can't they just be honest and at least say they **want** it filled by a date instead of saying it ***must*** be.

Some of those schedulers could very well have been honest. The "must" dates could have been dictated by the clients or upper management, who changed their tunes when the shops could not be filled.
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