coolest job ever ...

shopping an NBA game! Just show up and my tickets are in will call! Then shop the concession, retail store inside the arena.

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WOW you lucked out! Have a great time!!

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Wow! I thought about doing a shop like that last time I was in L.A. but couldn't fit it into my schedule. Let me know how it goes!

I thought of doing one for an NHL game. Hubby can enjoy the game while I do the retail shop and concession. But it seems I might have trouble not going over the reimbursement.
Oh, I would love that! I love sports, esp. live. I'm going to my first NBA game next week, in fact, but I'm payin' for the whole thing....
We did 13 in one season only for the stadium operators to decide we were no longer “usable.” Had I known, I would have limited the number of games!!! Miss them so much!

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Did a baseball game, it was a fun experience, but I never really got to enjoy the game. If you like shopping and like sports, it is a nice shop to take though for the change of pace, more then anything else. I would do it more if I was a little closer to the big city.
As I wrote in another thread, I shopped an MLB game and spent about 2/3 of my time there doing the shop. Between the wait at two concession stands (about 30 minutes each), the gift shop, and all the departments they needed shopped I hardly got to watch the game. I'm glad some of you got to enjoy the games you were at. I had a very different experience. Also, outdoor events require you to go rain or shine and to stay for the whole game.
I have never done the stadium events but I did do a concert shop for the same MSC about 3 years ago. The concessions and merchandise parts were easy but I remember the report took me about 8 hours, it was so detailed. I vowed to only do another one for a band or artist I really love. I’ve applied a few times but didn’t get the shops.
I saw some arena shops in my area for basketball games and concerts but they only covered one ticket.
I did several minor league Single A baseball games a couple of years ago. It was fun. It was with another MSC, and there was no deposit required. It didn't pay a lot -- $12.00 -- but reimbursed for 2 tickets, parking, 2 concessions and gift shop. Hubby & I really enjoy baseball, and I was able to get my names and observations without missing much of the game. I would sit in my seat and take a few notes, and wrote it up when I got home. The write up required was pretty deep, but after the first one, I could get it done in about 30 minutes. Worth $12.00?? should be more like $25.00, for all the writing required. paid for a few games for us, which was nice.
That’s crazy! Nobody wants to go to these events alone and bringing a guest is a big incentive to get shoppers to take these shops. The cost of tickets (especially concerts) is much too high these days, so I guess they’re trying to get top dollar for as many tickets as possible.

@hotsauce1 wrote:

I saw some arena shops in my area for basketball games and concerts but they only covered one ticket.
I got to see Red Sox vs. Yankees. Hardest ticket in Boston. Get there early and you can do all your concessions befode tge game. Have your partner take more photos than necessary while you're on the lines.
I was just scanning the job boards today and, apparently, you can shop "Gentlemen's" Clubs. They'll even reimburse for private dances (3), drinks (2), and tips.

How's that for sport?

If I was closer, I would apply.
I've done a concert shop (for a favorite artist) during Christmas of 2016, an NBA game, and 2 MLB games for the MSC that does not have you leave a deposit. The best seats were for the NBA game (6 rows from courtside)....the first MLB game we were 3rd level left field and the other MLB game we were in the bleachers with the drunk fans (and it was an interleague game --- SF vs Oakland) so that was quite the experience). For the concert we sat in the 2nd level.

I won't complain about the report...yes its a bit long but if its for something you like to see then I'll spend that extra time doing it....and I did try and get to the venues at least 45 min to an hour before...which helps a lot.

Thanks for the heads up on the Boston buddy and I are 5 MLB stadiums away from visiting all of them....and Boston is one of them,,...that's how I saw the SF/Oakland game last year @ AT&T Park through this MSC's shops.

Silver certified (since 2009) and willing to do shops all around the greater Chicago, NW Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin areas (including airports!.
Hey all - which Mystery Shop companies are the ones that advertise these type of opportunities? I'm on Coyle and am looking to sign-up with more companies. NYC based. Thanks!
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