YIKES, Harris Teeter no longer lists cashier on receipt

Just want to let you all know that as of today, Harris Teeter doesn't put the cashier's name on the receipt. They were there yesterday and now they are not. I hope I don't fail the shops as they have always put the name on the receipt so that was one less thing to try and remember. Fingers crossed that they let my shops today pass as they were about five hours ago and I can't tell you if the cashiers were male, female or anything about them!!!

I was just joking about not being able to tell anything about them from five hours ago, my dementia isn't that bad yet! In grocery shops I use lists, they don't think anything about old ladies and notes, I also usually check nametags against what is on the receipt, especially if male because down here so many go by their middle name. And Mr. Perfect- I don't ever put anything in a shop that I am not 100% sure of and don't ever guess. If I don't know something I will say so. If the shop doesn't go through because of it, my bad and I learn something from it.

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We are supposed to go by the name tag, yes? The name on the receipt may not match the person at the time on the register. If part of the assessment is to help identify if the cashier is properly signed in, using the name on the receipt is not appropriate.

edited to add: You need to take notes when you get back to your vehicle and not provide guesses or estimates, just facts.

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They have been rolling out a new software system for a while now. The default is no name but most stores reprogram it for names. At least that has been my experience with the dozen stores in my area.
No matter what company I do my grocery shops for, I always try to get the name on the name tag, as long as it's not covered up by hair or jackets, etc. I've found several times that the name on the tag is different than the name on the receipt, so I also make a note when I get to my car on the description of the cashier. Just a good habit to get into.
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