Five Guys Mystery Shopping Program Revealed!

I was just reading about Five Guys and about 3/4 in the video, they started talking about the Mystery Shopping Program! One neat fact: They share between $900 and $1300 Bonus each store, which all the employees share, Nice! smiling smiley

Here is the video. I learned a lot. smiling smiley


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Well, it makes sense why there's push back for bad reports and it's a reminder to always follow guidelines to assure the tables can't be turned on us! Good company though to distribute a bonus system for doing your jobs correctly!

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 31 year old male and willing to travel!
Hmmm. I've never been there, but I think I'll pick up the next shop I see. I was impressed with the simplicity.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
An open kitchen with flame broiled burgers would be huge.

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Cool video...thank you for sharing this!

"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl -- year after year..."
I like this! I'm glad the employees get those bonuses. I've done a couple of these and one coming up. It's my guilty pleasure lol. BLT if I'm feeling diet guilty and burger if I'm feeling froggy. smiling smiley. The fries, though, oh my...

Just out shopping around...
I hear you. I did one of these shops today. I was just going to eat a couple of fries. I ate almost all of them. It was a good day. smiling smiley

@ClanNan5 wrote:

I hear you. I did one of these shops today. I was just going to eat a couple of fries. I ate almost all of them. It was a good day. smiling smiley

Haha a couple of fries... I have told myself that each time and failed miserably. Crazy smart marketing on their part. Who doesn't love a ton of extra fries in the bag? smiling smiley.

Just out shopping around...
Loved it! This makes me happy and will keep shopping them. I only know one company, but is there another company that has 5 Guys?
I find that the employees are wxceptional and the service for a fast food estabishment to be wonderful/ Maybe the bonus is why they are always so friendly and helpful. I honesty think that they knowI am and I get the superior and friendly service.
I dont care if they know who I am, they earn the bonus bu treating customers so well.
I was doing a large number of Five Guys shops one bit of advice I can offer is to do a few for the offered price then wait and see if the call you. I was getting 10-15 bucks per shop plus the food cost. I was doing 2-3 on every weekend. I actually had to stop as my Cholesterol was going up and I was going to be able to deduct the pills as a business expense. Most of the Five Guys did a good to very good job. Those that did not always had changes the next time I visited. There was one store where they were not doing proper food safety and I told them when called I would not shop that location again. After a few months I did go back and all was fine.
I never had any push back on any negative comments.

My only issue was that sometimes I wanted to write MORE than I could as they limit how long the comments can be.
Haha. I doing a Five Guys over the weekend and while I was there two of the managers were sitting down with someone that was doing some type of evaulation and the person was speaking to the managers about it. The person seemed to be from corp as she wore a Five Guys red uniform (or maybe the franchise owner?). Anyway, I kind of chuckled on the inside because what I overheard was not similar to what I saw and reported. I felt like getting up and singing an old Christmas song, "Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see?" Of course, I refrained myself!

Although they said they do not want to offer delivery, there are delivery shops. I know, they are also for evaluating the delivery service company which is separate from 5 Guys.
I thought that too, spicy1. I actually am shocked at the number of deliveries that they seem to do. I was there for half an hour the other day doing a shop and 3 different delivery orders came in.
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