Do you ever feel bombarded by scheduler e-mails?

I am currently signed up with 25-30 MSCs and sometimes feel overwhelmed with all of the e-mails. I have even tried to filter e-mails for unwanted shops but every day it seems like there is a new scheduler or new shop. Sometimes I go crazy when my phone buzzes all day from new e-mails. I don't want to take my name off the list completely though in case something I like pops up! For those signed up with 100s of MSCs, how do you handle the monstrosity of e-mails that are sent daily?

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First, I do not let my phone make noise when I get any (of over 200) emails per day.

Second, once you have shopped more, you will recognize the ones not worth opening until you have 10 minutes to sift through the dross in case there is a hidden gem. I do that at my computer where it is much faster to sift than on my phone.

Third, once you learn when your favorite MSCs tend to post new shops, you will jump in and grab some before any emails go out.

Fourth, once you have made a good rep with your favorite 10, or so, MSCs you will start being offered enough jobs to fill your schedule quite early in the month and can be really picky about what other emails you open.

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There are certain MSC's and their schedulers that certainly deserve to be listed,,,,let us do it. What shops seem to be emailed over and then over again?
Create filters so that the MSC emails go to a different folder than your inbox. You can look at them when convenient for you and your phone won't buzz constantly.
If more schedulers would send more regional based shop emails and not send me non-airport shops that are across the country, I think that would help a lot. I also think schedulers should not send so many emails about the same job. Email is just too cheap to use.
I agree that companies should put more effort into filtering their list so that I don't keep getting e-mails about a single $10 bed shop half way across the country. It's annoying getting offers from auto-sassie when my state isn't even listed.

I've already filtered the phrase "jack in the box" to the trash. And I'm tempted to also filter the word 'airport' and "flying" but I'm afraid I would miss an important non-shop related message from family like "We're flying up to see you. can you pick us up at the airport?"

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I very, VERY rarely even open blast emails. I usually only open emails that are sent directly from a scheduler. Doesn't bother me at all. I just ignore them.

What I might suggest is a MS only email and turn off notifications on your phone for that account. Or do like me and turn sounds off. Unless I am specifically expecting a call my phone is on silent.

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What wales said!

I'm bombarded by the "urgent" steakhouse shops that I can do every 90 days. I tried creating filters in Yahoo! to send the airport, post office, and other shops to a certain mailbox, but that was an epic fail.

Now, I just swipe to delete.

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If there is a shop you really want, you sign up as a backup shopper in case. Also if you work directly with schedulers, you'll know it's important if they are emailing you directly. You learn which ones to ignore and when.
There are schedulers who are so inconsiderate. They send one email for each location, and fill up my whole page on the screen. They can send one email and put all locations in that one email, but they chose not to. They do this on purpose to catch your attention. I do not find that funny that all. What I do is I send them an email asking them to put all locations in one email, and resend it 20 times. Now, how do they like that?

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I do not use my phone for email. I can't use my cell phone at home, to close to the water. I use my lap top completely and don't mind the emails. I just delete once or twice a day.
I've been lamblasted by some on the forum for what i do to handle this but it works for me. I send almost all msc emails to spam. They still show up but i can just quickly browse the spam folder several times a day and i don't have to delete them. Gmail will just delete them on its own. The companies that don't spam, i let them go into my inbox. With my method i don't have to waste time deleting all those emails. I have well over 1000 emails in my spam folder.
The only ones I mind are those that are advertising shops that are nowhere near me, and the subject line doesn't say "Are you traveling, blah, blah, blah." Those I know I can delete right away. The databases these MSCs have can easily be filtered so that shoppers receive e-mails only for the geographical location in which the shopper lives. If they get desperate and are willing to pay a nice sum for travel, then they can increase the distance parameters of their e-blasts.

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I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
Or when I get (repetitive) emails about shops that are targeted for males... seriously, that should be easy to moderate who they send it to by the scheduler!
I am not happy with the number of Jack In The Box emails. It is very excessive! I counted 8 in a single day.
Job Slinger and gfk send a lot of emails, one for every location. Other regular MSCs do too, especially when they are in a crunch to get jobs filled.
I didn't want the Jack-in-the-Box shops at $15; I surely don't want them at $8. That email is headed to spam.

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I just wrote The Source a strong email asking why they send 5 emails daily for one job paying 9.00 40 minutes away. My radius with them is 10 miles and they have plenty of work here. They don't stop, Second to none is another that sends emails when they have no jobs.....annoying to the core.

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I look at emails as, I would rather know about shops even if I don’t want to or couldn’t do them, than not find out about shops I want. Deleting the ones I don’t need is not huge chore.
I get bombarded by texts from different people about the same shop locations, all from the same company. I wish we didn't have to put our phone numbers down. I block most of the company ones so my phone doesn't even ring, if I want a shop I'll sign up for it. They rarely give bonuses anyway so I'm not going to take your call if your not going to make it worth my time. I rarely even open emails from a lot of companies I'm signed up for, most don't interest me right now and I don't want to act like a crazy customer or spend 20 minutes talking to someone that I'm not going to make a purchase from. I'm very picky anymore in what I'll do.
The very worst is - in my area, at least - A-Closer-Look. Typically 10-30 e-mails per day, every day. My delete finger is getting sore. Rather than wasting their time trying to schedule, they should invest $$ in paying the shopper.

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I shop for ACL every month. I have never gotten an email from them. I send the scheduler a text when I want to do a shop that I see on their board.

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