Dazed and Confused....Experienced Shoppers and/or Schedulers

As I read and read, I find SO many of posts to be so informative and inspirational. I’d like to think perhaps you guys are the founding members of this site. Anyway, after running across the post below and others; is there a general forum pinned that I might’ve overlooked with like a table of contents or subjects that are vital to MS such as the basic 101? MS do’s and do not’s? Tax info? Organization tips? Narrative tips? Definitions?
Please don’t misunderstand my intent; I, too, will put in the hard work as you all have and will definitely share and help others as I learn.

I feel that shoppers helping shoppers get organized and get started is a primary goal of a forum. It is also a really good chance for you read what companies shoppers are having problems with--about slow pay, about contract changes after accepting a job, about unreasonable pickiness and demands, and of just plain old disrespect of shoppers as a disposable commodity. In this economy, there is almost cut-throat competition for jobs, so you won't see a lot of information about truly fantastic companies to sign up with on an open forum because nobody wants to increase the competition in their back yard. Yet we would rather volunteer time to put out there what information we have than have new shoppers get nickled and dimed to death with expenses they do not need and which experience shows do not do enough good to justify the expense. Certainly if you feel you need to spend money you are free to do so, but it is NEVER a necessary expense to get good and decent work.

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There are really 2 schools of thought among shoppers about "competition," and the "dangers" of sharing much information about what shops they value the most. Moreover, it may be that Flash's backyard is full of retirees and/or snowbirds who really are a huge source of competition in much of Florida. Reimbursed dining, grocery, oil change and other shops can have a half-life of a nano-second in such markets.

However, once a shopper has gained a reputation for reliable, objective, on time reporting and begins to move up the ladder of MS opportunities, many find it much easier to find well paid shops and/or more interesting shops.

One way to discover what you like is to try several genres of shops: fast food, fast casual dining, banking, cell phone and grocery shops come to mind, plus, of course, oil changes, hair cuts, etc. All good starting points. Ironically, a few of the huge MSCs that have good shops for beginners to learn their craft also have little to offer in terms of an upward ladder.

My advice would be to ask, for instance, "Who has a lot of fast casual shops"" If you ask who has them in, say, Denver, established Denver shoppers may hold back, and non-Denver shoppers won't know. Plenty of forum members will answer the latter form of the question, though.

Finally, test out the forum's search function. Try a search on "bank" for "past 12 months". That will turn up a ton or comments that reveal what MSCs do banks (as well as a bunch of comments about pay by direct deposit, but it a worthwhile endeavor for a newbie.

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