Post Office survey

Did a non shop. A PO employee doing the exact same survey in lobby. I stopped and did it for free to see what it involved. I got the employee to talk. Looks like they are transitioning to the on receipt survey by way of an extra handout at the counter as a reminder to do it and the employee in the lobby to help it along. Looks like our surveys could be going away.

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@CANADAMOMMY, did this incident happen at a US post office? I'm hoping the US program isn't going away. sad smiley
jASflAMt you obviously do NOT do PO in Canada do you?
Have you ever even been to Canada?
And did I say it was in the US or did I say Canada?


Oh, you do US post office shops in Canada, do you?
You have posted before in the forum that you don't live in Canada, and yes, I have been to Canada. I travel out of the country pretty frequently (2x-3x a year), and I have been to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario many times. I can't imagine you are actually from Canada because the majority of people there are positive, pleasant people.

Is it time to find a forum member to pick on and stalk to post nasty things? I see you found me in another thread and had a snide remark to post about something I wrote. It has been a few years since you last did that to me, though I noticed you have unleashed your "sunshine and joy" attitude on many others since then. Find something better to do.
I don't think the survey will give the company some of the information they are looking for. Things like timings, proper message board compliance, uniform compliance etc are hard to extract from customer satisfaction surveys. It seems like these shops are used for proof of some sort of disciplinary actions (I'm assuming this since many of us have had our videos reviewed ). It is hard to believe surveys will meet all those needs. I'm sure the clerks would love to get rid of the program. Will be interesting to see.
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