Post office improvements

I have driven past 2 post offices that I regularly shop in the last few weeks and have noticed changes in things that I have repeatedly commented on in my reports (new sign, new flag, etc). Does anyone else get unreasonably excited when you see that your mystery shop may actually have a positive impact? Or is it just that I notice these things now that I am getting paid to look for them?

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Probably a little of both.

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Years ago I reported on a salad bar at an upscale steak and seafood place. I had eaten there several times and the plates were always so cold it was impossible to hold them without freezing your fingers off. Several of the salad items were also partially frozen and the small lettuce container was usually almost empty. This was a pricey salad bar that could be an add on to the fish or steak. I was pleased to see that these problems had been addressed the next time I was there. It is not always easy to say whether improvements are the direct result of our work but sometimes it seems obvious and definitely gratifying.
One took down a sign that was cracked and scratched, but I'm not too happy because it is the equivalent of polishing a turd if they don't decrease those wait times....

I've noticed that a PO I've done many times and never had its flag flying, now has a flag flying every time I drive by.

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When I have reported a tattered or torn flag and it gets replaced, I do cartwheels in my head.
I also noticed tattered flags that have been replaced. Happy to see that!

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