Which companies offer Comcast/Xfinity shops?

I used to shop Comcast/Xfinity shops for one particular company in 2017. I took about a six month break form the company and after recently checking out the shops that they offer; I noticed they no longer have these shops on the job board..I sent them a message and asked if they were shopping Comcast anymore, and they said at this time, they were not. I'm disappointed because these were relatively easy shops for what the pay is and not huge narratives. I understand that other companies, might have more intense guidelines; but was wondering if any of you have seen Comcast/Xfinity listed on the companies you shop for? I understand that you can't give out the company name, but maybe you can give me the first letter of the company..thanks everyone..

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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Nobody can give you a hint like the first letter of the name. However, if anyone knows they can at least tell you if Comcast is still shopped.

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I did a market research study which paid a whopping amount that focused on marketing information. And also mystery shops at the Comcast/Xfinity service location as well. Those are great too... Once upon a time, I conveniently grabbed a route of those during my trip to Miami and ended up paying my entire personal trip there and Key West thanks to those shops!

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Thanks for the input everyone..happy to know these shops still exist..still attempting to sign up for every company listed....I'm at the M's currently that is listed on the Official List on this forum....I haven't came across them yet..maybe they aren't shopped in the Pacific Northwest

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
Mmmmwhat do you like about the Comcast /Xfinity shops?

One MSC still offers these shops try signing up on the lower end of the alphabet of MSCs.
Thanks Luna..will try that..one of the main things I liked about it is I could go when I wasn't at my main job because of the hours they were open..and on Saturdays before everyone else was aware how easy they were...I could visit about 7 different locations on a Saturday and make about 15 to 30 dollars each dependent on how long they were on the job board...and once I was done narrative was very quick and easy...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
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