Walmart Assignment from Whiteclay...Is it legit?

I just received an Assignment to be a Mystery Shopper for Whiteclay. The Assignment Co-ordinator is James Collins, but the mail came from a Steve Cameron Apt. 24 in Los Angeles. The sent me a cashiers check for $2,180.10 and they want me to cash it at my bank and I am supposeed to keep $200 of the money. The remitter on the check is a Michael Galligan. I am a little sceptical and want to know if anyone is familiar with this Assignment. I am new to the Mystery Shopper world and I don't want to get caught in a scam.

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It's a scam. White Clay is actually a great, real company. Unfortunately, the scam artists lend authenticity to their criminal activities by using the name of good companies.

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LisaSTL, thank you so much for your reply. It is so sad that people do this kind of stuff. I am so glad I looked into this before I ended up being a victim of this scam.
As a new shopper you will NEVER be offered money up front to do job. Also, if you are ever asked to send money/gift cards anywhere (as opposed to making a reimbursable purchase at a real store), be very wary..

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DTerrell I am so glad you came here and followed your instincts to find the truth. Many others have asked this question and some asked after they had already been victimized. Mystery shopping is real but there are a lot of scsmmers out there.
MFJohnston thank you so much for that insite. I have been wanting to become a Mystery Shopper, so I was so excited for this opportunity. What a bummer! Now, I know to be very careful. Thanks again!
JASFLALMT thank you so much for the encouragement to not look down on any future Mystery Shopper opportunities. I am so thankful for this forum.
Hi. Welcome. When you sign up with legit mystery shopping companies like the ones listed on the bottom of this page, you will see the assignments and the actual fees. Don't fall for those scams that promised you to be a gazillionaire just by mystery shopping. Some of the other experienced shoppers do make a decent living while others are supplementing their incomes.

That's a list of real companies. I recommend Marketforce to start with. The pay is just ok but the reports are very easy.
OP, I would run away from this scam as if Janie's got a gun. Just run away, run away from the pain!

White Clay is awesome and their average fee is $35 for the furniture shop. They would never send you a large check for that kind of money. They would never pay you in advance. Your payment can take up to 30 days to receive and that's if you follow all the guidelines and submit a timely and correct report. smiling smiley
Hey, This is Ziggy from White Clay. You were contacted by a SCAMMER. DO NOT deposit the check, DO NOT buy the gift cards at Walmart.

I'm really sorry they're attempting to victimize you. As others have posted, they hide behind the names of legitimate shopping companies to fool people.

If you'd like to sign up with a legitimate firm and ACTUALLY get paid for your work, we have a shopper FAQ site at Cheers!
DTerrell all of the above information is great! We are so glad that you looked here first. This SCAM is so old, I don't know how people can think they are getting a check for any amount. I wish everyone would ask us or ask the bank.
Thank you so much Ziggy for responding to my post and confirming they were scammers. I really appreciate it.
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