Insta grocery store Google Pay shops

Has anybody done the InstaShop Google Pay grocery store shops and actually been paid for them? I have three that have been sitting without any response / payment.

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If these are the ones I'm thinking of, check the MSC's website. The payments do show up there. And, yes, I have been paid for mine. They messed up the payments, but I contacted the scheduler and she got in contact with the accounts payable person and got it straightened out. You won't see anything on the app itself. You should have received an email stating that your job was submitted, and another one that your job was approved. I usually get the approved one within a couple of hours.
Thanks. I emailed the scheduler and she said they are indeed paid by the MSC under their normal payment schedule and not through the InstaShop app. Kind of strange, since they're advertised as InstaShop assignments.
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