Would you ask this to the MSC scheduler?

I lived in one area for about three years, and all locations of one gas brand in that area were shopped either monthly or quarterly. I didn't do all of them, but they were there, from the big ones in the bigger cities to the small ones in the boonies. The MSC in question here is not the major one that is associated with many major gas brands.
I now live in another area and have for about 18 months. In this period, I have never seen about half of the locations in my area, and I can usually see the shops as soon as they get posted. Also with this MSC, if a shopper did pick them up immediately, you would have the ability to be a backup shopper. I have simply never seen any of these locations.

Another parallel: The major gas brand MSC often takes a while to get shops done in this area as well, leading to good incentives on locations in this one particular area. So with the MSC I am asking about, one that starts slow with fees at the beginning of the month and gets higher at the end of the month, I feel good that I could get these stations at good fees consistently.

Is it worth reaching out to the MSC and mentioning that you have never seen these stations. In case possibly, they were an oversight in an area not shopped as much in the past, but could be now?

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As long as the scheduler does not mind, it would good to find out about that. There might be instances of rebranding, locations now shopped by route shoppers, or shops in limbo while new contracts are prepared for locations that are changing because they were sold. Are any of the locations designated for destruction? Reconstruction? Does a location that is due to be torn down soon still need to be shopped? There are other possible factors... inquiring minds want to know...

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I have also found that the same brand is shopped by different MSCs in different areas of the country. So they may be with a different MSC where you are now living.
Nothing wrong with asking. Although it’s unlikely to be an oversight . With gas stations, franchises can often opt out of participating in research or audits. If you never see certain locations, even as backups, they probably aren’t being shopped by that MSC.
To answer some of the questions, these are mostly what seems to be, on the surface, good locations, clean and maintained well. They've been around ever since I moved here 18 months ago, at least.

Ceasesmith: That's interesting. The MSC I am used to still has the majority of the locations as well. If there is another MSC in the picture, that could explain everything.

TroyHawkins: Good point as well. I think I am going to pass on inquiring about them. Thanks, all.
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