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Hi, My store is cracking down on tobacco sales concerning carding people. Recently one of my co-workers failed a secret shop and had to experience a large fee and court visit because it was a minor. What are your tips for IDing peope? Should I card everyone no matter even if they are very old? Or should I continue to use my judgement of the person being above or equal to 30yrs old?

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In CA, you have to scan the ID or enter the birth date. Why would a cashier not do that? It's not as though you are on commission.

Yes, card everyone. 25% of the cashiers that my son approached failed this simple test. He was 17, had no facial hair, and did not look 18 if you ask me. They (the failures) all either did not ask for his ID or age or put in a birthday without asking him for it. Sometimes, they scanned his ID and then cleared it, scanned it again and cleared it again, then put in a fake age.
Keep it simple: If there is any chance the person is below 30 card him/her. It's better to card a few folks in their 40's than to not card a minor.

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Years ago (before the internet) I was in a liquor store, standing behind some young girls. They asked for cigarettes. I told the cashier I just watched a story on the news, they were running a sting for this. He paused for a moment and pulled the cigarettes back. The girls left.
@Lonerpatroller...I used to work in a gas station...and I carded didn't matter to me...heck some of them had to be in their 60's or above..honestly for some they got a chuckle out of it and for others who were just a bit over that 30 always made them smile.of course you will have some push back for some or they will say I forgot my i.d....stay civil but just stand your ground tell them exactly what you are telling us here....even if they get pissed and say they want to speak to manager.....

Are you really going to get in trouble from your manager when the customer complains and says they are mad because you carded them and they coudn't provide or refused to provide an I.D?

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Recently I have heard that several states have upped the age limit to be carded to persons looking under 40 and in a few cases they want everyone carded. They did this because there were too many errors in judgement by cashiers thinking someone young looked at least 30. If your job is on the line you would be safer by using a higher guideline for yourself than 30.
Target and Wal-mart are supposed to card everyone, regardless of age. The same goes for most airport bars and major league sports venues.

I cashiered and was yelled at by more than one gross, way-over-21 years old alcoholic at 8 am trying to buy cheap wine with no ID. Sorry, I could not care less. No ID, no sale. If you are flipping your lid at 8 am because you need wine, I am not your biggest problem.

It doesn't matter if you are of age, you need to prove you are of age. Pretty simple.
I think the key is courtesy. Card everyone, but be extremely polite about it.

I owned a liquor store. If you didn't have ID, I wouldn't sell to you. Even if you looked 45.

I was the ONLY business in my town that did not have employees arrested during a sting operation. It's a tough way to learn a lesson -- being hauled out in handcuffs, and being fired, then facing court and fines. The business is also in danger of losing its liquor license.

That's why we shop. Much, much better for a company to pay a shopper fee and learn that the employee is NOT carding; the employee can be retrained.
I am 60 years old, and have had a full head of snow-white hair since I was about 25 years old. I do not mind being asked for identification; it demonstrates that the cashier respects the rules. When I go to those liquor stores which I frequent on a regular basis, I simply present my driver's license even if the cashier doesn't ask for it. Respect and courtesy go a long way. ASK FOR IDENTIFICATION. Don't risk losing your job--or worse.
I'll add something that others have not. Where I live, it is very common for stores to put a sign up saying they do not sell tobacco or alcohol without an ID. How professional that sign is pretty much depends on whether it's a very nice bar or a crappy gas station, but having it posted and in writing goes a long way in alleviating customer push back. Even an 8.5x11 laminated piece of paper that says "WE ID smiling smiley" keeps people from arguing.

It's a restricted item to purchase; everyone should be prepared to show ID.
When I was working as a cashier and at the service counter at a grocery store, I carded everyone for tobacco and alcohol. If you do it consistently, customers start to expect it, and they'll have their ID ready. It makes it fast and simple. smiling smiley

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What are the rules on adults buying for underage people? There was a granny type buying for a teen in the last gas station I audited.

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@CoffeeQueen wrote:

What are the rules on adults buying for underage people? There was a granny type buying for a teen in the last gas station I audited.

That's a good point.. I mean, we all know it's illegal, but how easy is it for a cashier to know it's happening? Even if they do know or suspect, is it illegal for them to sell the cigs or beer to granny? Hmm..
You should follow whatever your company policy is and what the law is. The law does not say you have to have an I.D. to buy alcohol or tobacco, the law says you have to be over 21 or over 18. I have not seen a 'law' that says that you have to card anyone that 'looks' under 30, that can only be a company policy. If the company policy says to card anyone who looks under 30 then you should do that. If you aren't good at judging whether or not someone is under 30 then card everyone who doesn't look like a grandpa or grandma. When the company policy says card anyone who looks under 30 and you are carding 60 year olds, well, why would you do that as it's ridiculous and asking for an argument.
I'm 45 and I get carded sometimes for buying alcohol (I don't smoke or buy cigs). It's just amusing and does not cause a problem for me. I think most people understand you are just doing your job. If it were me, I would just card everyone so you can avoid the risk of going to court etc. which is a pain and expensive.
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Yes, consistency and courtesy make all the difference.

I was doing an open audit once, and a customer who appeared to be in her early 20s got really mad at the cashier for asking her for her ID when she tried to buy a tobacco product. She just got angrier and angrier, even after I identified myself to her and explained that the cashier would probably get in trouble if he didn't ask for ID with me standing right there. She didn't care. From what she said, I gathered that she was a regular customer and she was not asked for ID before.
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