GigSpot Scheduling Trouble

I was contacted about a shop, when the scheduler sent the confirmation email I was directed to my GigSpot login where I am asked to request preferred date. I then hear nothing back and continue to receive requests to schedule... Any thoughts on how I can fix this hangup? This is not the first challenge I'm having with them but the latest.

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Many of us have experienced this with Gigspot - and a fair number of other issues as well....

I handled it like this: I wrote down all the MSC's that use Gigspot. I then emailed the Gigspot admin team and asked to be removed. I then made sure I was registered with all the MSC's through their Shopmetrics pages. I have never regretted this.

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I had many issues with gigspot. It was impossible to get shops as a result, and I lost out. I decided to terminate gig spot, and go through the websites directly. Best decision for me.
Gigspot is terrible. However, I believe that Gigspot has shops that are not showing up on the individual MSC's job board.
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