Using a scheduler vs registering independently with multiple companies?

I am fairly new (less than 100 shops under my belt). is that true that using a scheduler means that I get paid less? For example, is my shopper pay more if i schedule directly with Kinesis vs getting the same shop through a scheduler?
My frustration comes because after now working with maybe 5 different schedulers ONE chick in particular I cannot stand. After months of communications with her I have no confidence that this will get better. I NEVER want to work with her again. Other schedulers within the same company are great but this girl UGH!!!! BUT of all the schedulers the one I don't like schedules me more than anyone else
I am decided that I need to shift a direction but want to confirm that it is worth the added time to chase multiple companies vs 1. please offer a voice.

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Usually, no. There are hundreds of mystery shopping companies and they handle their shops and their scheduling differently. Some small companies use independent schedulers, like Kern Scheduling, exclusively. Some companies have schedulers who are direct employees of their company. Some companies use schedlers who work with their company as Independent Contractors. Some companies have their own schedulers and also use a scheduling company. Some companies have schedulers and also allow shoppers to self-assign shops directly on their Job Board, like Market Force. I've not noticed lower pay for shops that involve a scheduler.

The example you gave, scheduling shops with Kinesis, is interesting, because in my experience, the only way to schedule a Kinesis shop is through a KSS scheduler. Unless things are different in some other area of the country, all Kinesis shops are scheduled through KSS.

It would probably be worthwhile for you to sign up with more companies.
Roflwofl is correct. I, too, work with schedulers who schedule only for the company they work with, as well as schedulers who work for multiple companies.

Also, explore the different job boards. There's one right here, did you know that? Just click on "show all forums" and a drop-down appears. One of them is a job board, where many companies and schedulers list their jobs.

Good luck.

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For a couple of MSCs that use outside schedulers for some clients and their own for others, I got to know the inside schedulers. I could then email them and ask for shops that were not on the MSC's job board but were on the outside scheduler's board. Low and behold, I got assigned that shop AND at a higher fee than was showing on the outside scheduler's board.

Lesson, cultivate good relations with inside schedulers, for sure.

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Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Another lesson: cultivate good relations with any good scheduler, inside or independent ones. I sometimes get a much higher bonus than what is offered to other shoppers (via job posting emails, for example) simply because a scheduler remembers I've gone above and beyond for them before. It's always a nice surprise to not ask for more and get it anyway.
A ton of MSC's schedulers and editors attend IMSC conferences. (Many of them are also shoppers themselves.) That is an ideal place to cultivate good professional relationships. I know that some MSCs send their managers and officers to the MSPA conferences but have never heard that shoppers got to meet a lot of schedulers or editors there. Anyone who has been to an MSPA conference, please chime in if I am wrong about that.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
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