Are the post office jobs gone?

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No, it was just the end of the quarter. I am sure that they will be out again around the beginning of October, and they will want them all finished up well before December rolls around.
I did several in September, which ended the 3rd quarter, as JAS mentioned. Also hoping to see them in Oct for their 4th quarter shops.
There is usually a big round in the first month of the quarter, then a smaller second round in the second month, then not much in the third month.

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I know they renewed the contract this summer, so they will be on the board soon enough.

Happy to hear they renewed!
I have seen very few of these in my area in the past six months. The closest branch to me has never been shopped, even though it has been open for more than a year.

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Over the years, throughout times that different MSCs have done these shops, some branches in my area were dropped from this program for some reason and are not shopped. I don't know why. There are another 10-14 locations that are still shopped, though. I've noticed there have been fewer hazmat shops.

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I asked a remote PO that I do not shop but often drop mail at why she never asks the hazard questions. Her response my location never shopped no need to monkey with that business!
The PO of the town I live is in (population near 10,000 so its not a small place) is not shopped. The clerks subsequently are never in uniform, and the supplies are never stocked that are supposed to be on a shopped PO. I was asked Hazmat the one time I sent a box out from it, though. A few months ago it occurred to me to fill out the receipt survey on this PO whenever I had use it. Maybe that will at least, make it shopped. So I hope!
When we had the dim sum shops my holiday gifts all were sent with a 2# limit I find it is easier sometimes to just order online with free shipping for gifts. But since I celebrate both xmas and hanukah I can be excused for sending the one gift out close to the beginning of dec. I miss those, And I miss the hazmats that did it correctly as I was collecting stamps for the flat rate boxes on those shops. Yes, the po sells stamps for $6.56 or whatever the small flat rate box costs now.
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