Anyone shopped the Ace Hardware shops?

This shop is listed with the msc that shops 5 guys...

I wanted to know what fee you would shop it says it takes 20 minutes but I very recently shopped a very similar store with another msc and that took 40 minutes...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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But this MSC's requirements are different. IMHO, much easier. I love these shops! The employees are so well trained and customer service oriented! Sometimes it's hard to stay in the store the sort of "requested" 15-20 minutes. Much simpler than Intelli-shop hardware store shops.

IMHO, of course -- YMMV.
Hi, I just completed one today (my 2nd ever). I felt it was good entry level and easily completed, less then 72min. porch to submit. Compare reimbursement to expense depending on area you MS in, the experience was worth it.


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I've done these for $20 plus the reimbursement. I will not do them for $10 and I certainly will not do them for $7.50.

They are not difficult.
I've done them from $6-$35. There's one that's walking distance from me. I usually go for $10 but someone has been taking it for $6 lately. I actually miss doing them and was looking forward as I needed some paint brushes
If offered by the MSC that has an App, I agree they are very easy. Better yet when bonused

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The shop is quick and easy. I have 5 convenient locations near me, complete at least 3 each month at the base price, and soon will have new door hinges throughout the entire house. I am well stocked with paint brushes, rollers, plastic tarp, and enough pints of paint to complete my dining room.
Easy Peasy. Stocked up on loads of tarp, rollers, brushes, a cute Christmas lamp, Santa stickers, grout cleaner. I can go on and on. Takes less than 10 minutes and the reports are short and to the point.

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Since they changed the required purchase item to no longer go along with the scenario that is great. I have several rolls of Teflon tape from those days.
I like doing these jobs but its been months since I have seen a job for them posted in my area. anyone else having that problem?
I usually get them done between 15-20 minutes. Depends if the sales folks are paying attention. Sometimes, I find myself browsing aimlessly for 10 minutes before talking to someone. That makes the shop extend to 22-25 minutes.

Pretty easy shop.
There is one near me where nobody wears a name tag. It's a hassle to pull names out of them creatively. The other ones I've done are a breeze, and I'm all stocked up on lightbulbs now.

Part-time shopper based in Delaware

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Don't forget to get the employees name - if they don't have a name tag you have to ask. I just had one rejected.
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