Trying to be a FT Shopper

And, just FYI: all of my shops from that day were approved. So that was a huge relief!

I even got decent scores on all of them, except the one where I forgot to take the photo of my food, and on that one, I got a "7," which I feel is pretty good anyway, since it was a Confero shop, and it was completely my fault that I didn't have all that I needed when I submitted the report.

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Love Love Love your magazine creative...

Has the client ever declined the shop though?

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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@JennyFromTheShop wrote:

@reidtait wrote:

Anytime a new shop is created in the database, it is automatically added to my calendar. A new task is then automatically created in my to-do app (Todoist) with the due date set to the shop date. There's a note attached to the task which has two links, one that will open my GPS app (Waze) pre-loaded with the location's address, and another to the MSC's website. (The note also includes any notes I included in the original form when adding the shop.) When I mark the shop task as completed, a second task is automatically created for the report, with the due date of that task set to the report due date I specified in the original form (usually the same or next day). When I complete the report task, it marks the shop as 'finished' back in the database, and adds the value of the shop to the "pending payment" amount for the respective MSC.

This is awesome - I will definitely be looking at getting all of this automated or at least some parts! Way cool.

Glad someone found it interesting. I'm definitely willing to help anyone else set up automatons too. As a current Software Engineering major, I wanted to find a way to include it in my Mystery Shopping. I find tinkering with these kinds of things fun.

Here are the services that make it work
-Todoist [] is the to-do list app
-Airtable [] is the database (don't be scared off by it, it's no more than a fancy spreadsheet)
-Integromat [] is the service that connects everything together. It watches for changes in one place, then follows instructions on what to do in another place.

All three are available for free (they charge for more advanced features, but I'm doing everything I need without paying them)
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