Sometimes I just need to scream

No,what happened is that you worked hard to up your fee and they agreed, but only in principle, and told you that you could perform the shop and then they went about finding another shopper to do it for the lower fee and suceeded, sothey came back to you and renaged on their offer in principle. Next time get work properly allocated with the agreed fee in writing before you rest easy. Some allocators will shaft you if you give them too much latitude based on over the phone chit chats.

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I agree, how can anyone tells another shopper not to take any shop under $20. Each mystery shopper know what a value is to them. Each mystery shopper is unique. Maybe someone needs the shop to put food on their table. When you route several shops in the same area, it might be worthwhile.
I have one editor that will kick back my reports for ANY question, even if I've already explained the situation in the comments at the end of the report, like they tell me to do. And when I send it back, telling her that I've already explained she apologizes, but doesn't take the black mark off my record for her mistake.
@sabrinaw214 wrote:

I use to do shops at a casino in North Carolina but can not seem to find the company that shops them anymore. It has switched hands two times prior. Any suggestions for companies to register with?

As long as you keep your question generic ("Which MSCs do casino shops?" ), you can start a new thread with that topic.

I'm just afraid your question will get lost in this thread.

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The other person offered to do it for less, so she got the job <sigh>. Still, once committed, the scheduler should not be entertaining other offers.
I am so aggravated by a certain MSC who offers shops for a fast food company at $4.50 each. When you won't take than $10, he asks - could you do it for $6? What part of "I cannot do it for less than. . . " don't you understand? You're wasting my time!
Well good for you then. even a simple smoothie shop takes me more than 10 minutes to get there and back at least 40 minutes to fill out the report and upload my receipts. Not to mention the gas I have to put in my car. Worth 20 bucks any day of the week
I agree with Jenny. People do this for all different reasons. You want all shoppers to not shop unless they offer $20 on top of reimbursement? Dream on. Though personally I do not take the jobs that do not offer reimbursement or pay, just a gift card to use at the same place. But that is my choice. Other people may really like eating at the place so take the job for the free meal.
They probably got the other shoppper to do it at the original price. I share your frustration with thes hort time frame but i try to remember schdulers don't get paid by the hour. They get paid per job completed so they want their share as well as making the customer happy and getting the job done os soon as possible.
I told the owner of Intellishop that his payments were too low and many were not worth doing for the money offered. (some were OK, but they kept emailing me to see if I wanted to do low pay shops that required 90 min total including travel time). Their response was to keep me on the email list but to ban me from doing shops for them (including one I had already accepted.) I just thought "good job on accepting constructive feedback guys"
Although sometimes the pay is decent for automobile related shops, I refuse to take them (except for oil changes when I need one anyway). Nothing is worth the PITA you get from these jac***ses.
I take longer to complete a shop, but then I'm meticulous. A lot has to do with where one lives, like how far from an urban center, regarding availability of high paying shops. I live in the country, so I must travel further and spend more in gas, than an urban person. Because of the time it takes for me to finish a shop, it often amounts to $10 an hour pay. But I accept that, because I can do the written portion at home, in bed, with a cat on my stomach.
I have taken a hit several times in the past, when I had a shot at 3 or 4 shops in a distant city, only to secure just one of those. I don't want to bail on the shop I was awarded, so I shoulder the loss. I've learned over time who is going to leave you hanging and who is going to schedule you within a reasonable amount of time. I've learned to avoid the former.
But, I am not going to get in my car for that smoothie shop even if it paid $50. I am going to do it when I am already there.

@rboggs127 wrote:

Well good for you then. even a simple smoothie shop takes me more than 10 minutes to get there and back at least 40 minutes to fill out the report and upload my receipts. Not to mention the gas I have to put in my car. Worth 20 bucks any day of the week
@Aquiest wrote:

Guidelines for a dealership assignment say that if you are unable to reach the contact person for an appointment, fill out the report with all 'no' answers. OK I did that, and commented in each section that scheduling an appointment was not successful. It was kicked back to me, with a note that I need to write 4-5 sentences of narrative telling what happened in each section, greeting, presentation, test drive, etc. Editors like this piss me off. many times can you say the same thing in different words?
@shopperbob wrote:

Back in 2005, I accepted a comparison shop for bedding from an MSC no longer in business. I completed both forms, only to discover a third that asked why I did not select the client for my fictitious purchase. I typed "price" and then attempted to submit the report, but received the red warning and learned the box required 800 characters. While I am able to expand from six to 800 with bull, it is very time consuming. When the scheduler later mailed me about another such job, I replied it would be double the fee; I never heard from her again.

It wastes the editor's time. too, if all you're writing is bull.
nc commented--It wastes the editor's time. too, if all you're writing is bull.

Bob's reply--I completely agree with you, although, I am certain the editor was not on my mind; it was being paid. I well recall it took me in excess of one hour to finish the third report; that is exactly why I doubled the fee. As I am positive you are aware, there is acceptable and unacceptable bull; the acceptable type is far more time and labor intensive, as it must be carefully camouflaged to appear relevant. If any should disagree, try expanding five characters to 800, have the report accepted and receive a score of "10." After subtracting for gas, forget mileage, my hourly rate was slightly over $5 for two visits and three reports.
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