No, I really really don't want to do your shop

I've had a place call me on Friday asking me to do a burger shop I've done before for them twice. I'm trying not to do any shops that cost money and their food is expensive and barely covered by reimbursement. I tell them I could do it for twenty, no dice and I say okay, no problem. Saturday, call again, same shop, same offer, no dice, bye. They call later Saturday and at this point I want to know why they keep calling because I've already said an amount they can't do and they can even see in the computer that they already called. No I can't do the shop for anything less than previously stated amount. Sunday they call again and a second time. I honestly thought they gave up after that but nope yet again today!

I'm not sure why they keep doing this but man is it annoying! I think they have several of the same shop at that location and are desperate to get it done but not desperate enough to pay.

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I'm constantly getting calls from most likely that same company, and I have a set amount in my mind that I'll only take from now on. It's very good food, but to continue eating it will be a death sentence so I need to make it worth my while to do it and then give most of it to my son! I would stick to your guns and let's keep getting those bonuses up! As for the continued calls, I don't think they're all on the same page when it comes to checking us off the list.
I got a call once about a burger shop and I told them I'd do it for a $12 bonus. The call was pure comedy gold. The scheduler countered back with so $8 total for the shop, then $10 total for the shop. I just kept repeating I'd said a $12 bonus. He then countered with $12 total for the shop so I reminded him again and told him he was wasting my time. He then agreed to the bonus. I was in the car with my husband who could not stop laughing.
I find unwanted calls annoying too. If the MSC keeps calling with unacceptable offers, I just stop answering their calls. I've also check my profile page on the MSC website to make sure "Notify Me by Phone/Txt of Shops" is UNchecked (except for my favorite MSC's).

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My husband overheard my conversation with a foreign scheduler regarding a burger shop and asked if I was buying a used car as that was what it sounded like to him. He advised, "Give them a price and stick to it." Good advice.

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They offered me $6.00 plus reimbursement to drove 240 miles round trip. I said it's 240 miles and apologized and offered me $8.00. It's not annoying to me but entertaining. I asked them how they get to work everyday and it costs them 16c. It costs me $2.75 to ride the subway and my time is worth $50.00/hour but I discount it for people I like. We settled of $24.00 plus reimbursement but I plan my sales calls around my shop excursions. I should plan my shop excursions around my sales calls but when the real job sucks donkey, shops keep my attitude upbeat.
So annoying!

I keep getting calls about body waxing shops. No thank you.

Also, $12 shops in another state. Technically, it's only 16 or so miles, but it's also two bridges and goodness knows how much time spent sitting in traffic. I wouldn't even take a $12 retail shop close to me.
I am almost certain I know the MSC. They will call and offer the regular fee for a visit. I have learned to say I am not sure I can do it because then they add a bonus to the job. What "kills" me is when the site lists the visit paying $10 and they will call and offer me the normal $6 fee to do it. I say how the site pays $10 and then they might agree to it.
One time I was asked to do a visit. I simply could not do it in the timespan they wanted. They said they would pay me a $5 bonus. I thanked them but said I couldn't get to that location and do it. The next week they called back and still needed that visit done - the one from the last week. They said the visit paid a $3 bonus. I said last week when they called the bonus was $5 and if they wanted me to do it it would take the $5 bonus offered last week to do it. The person said they would go talk to their boss and see. They soon came back and said they could not raise it from $3 to $5. I said then that I could not do it and if they called again wanting me to do it I would ask for a $10 bonus - fyi. I never heard back from them on that visit.
I saw a job for $8 for photos and placement verification for 4-6 items and possible 1.25 reimbursement. Wtf. Would literally have to be right outside my door.
I’ve seen that same shop. I refuse to do it. And some of these cell phone shops for $9 are a joke too.
Aren't you all high and mighty? A whopping $9!? I saw a phone shop for $3. But I guess something is better than nothing if you got a lot of free time.
I MS for many companies. MOst I have never done visits for. One MSC sent something and needed something done at a location I was going to be at anyway so I said I would do it it. The visit paid $10. I see the report has........and I kid you not...........86 QUESTIONS! You read that right - 86! For $10. The visit is for a product that makes beverages. Beverages I do not drink and won't (NOT alcohol). I saw this and let the person know if I do this visit and they offer me the drink I will NOT accept it - as the guidelines say I must. I said I did not know this ahead of time. She wrote back saying the client requires samples to be consumed if offered and because of that she was pulling me from the shop (If she didn't I was going to turn it back anyway since I have never shopped for them at all, as is). I realized i dodged a bullet and quickly deleted my profile from that MSC figuring most other shops are like this and no way I want anything to do with them. I figured if I was lucky the entire visit, from looking over the report to doing it and reporting on it would have taken at least 2 hours, If I was lucky. NO THANKS!
@Runnindemredlights says, "I saw a phone shop for $3. But I guess something is better than nothing if you got a lot of free time."

I know those call shops. I do them naked in my free time.

So...15 minutes for the first call involving reading guidelines, making notes, entering report. Subsequent calls at 7 minutes total including report. No gas, no miles on the vehicle. Write off on phone bill. So that's 8 calls in the first hour, at ~ $24/hr net. Get that first one under your belt and it raises to ~ $30/hr, if you are efficient. Check my math, but it's worth it, if you are good.

Did I mention I was butt a$$ naked when making money, not the old fashioned way? Hah! You go ahead and pass them up, friend.
I said CELL phone shop, not a simple phone shop. High and mighty?
Keep putting in all that work for $9 and they’ll keep lowballing you. You can have ‘em.
@ravensr4real wrote:

I said CELL phone shop, not a simple phone shop. High and mighty?
Keep putting in all that work for $9 and they’ll keep lowballing you. You can have ‘em.

...though it was @Runnindemredlights who said "Aren't you all high and mighty? A whopping $9!? I saw a phone shop for $3. But I guess something is better than nothing if you got a lot of free time."

Get your sh1t straight. You said $3 for a phone shop. You can't BS a Bs'er and don't yell at me, in either personality.
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