share a "caught off guard" mystery shopping moment...

I did the pizza shop today and I asked the scheduler if NY was a flavor or style because I didn't want to embarass myself. lol

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@MsJudi wrote:

The cashier at an Aveda store asked me, "How long have you been shopping Aveda?" I told him I had been a customer for years, and was hoping that's what he meant.

OMG Scary. I would have said exactly that too.
I miss my free loot. sad smiley(((
I did about six bank shops for one client. For three of them, all at different locations and even a town a few miles away, I walked in...lo and behold...same banker!

The bank, though, was having a promotion for opening a checking account. So after seeing the same person for the third time, I decided to stop doing these shops, but went in on a personal visit to open an account.....
Guess who?

I talked about opening the account and also talked about the safety deposit boxes. She printed up a piece of paper (customer contact type of thing..."this is what we did today..."winking smiley But before she handed it to me, she cut the paper up into a very small strip...she snipped and cut for a long time. The strip that she gave me ended up being in the middle of the page. When I got this strip, it wasn't even an "even" had chunks cut out of it, etc.

Pretty sure that there was a note in the computer under some profile of mine that I was a shopper.... :/ Or maybe I'm just paranoid (?)
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