Gas Station Shops - MSCs and Pay?

Looking to possibly branch out and try some of these.

I'm not talking about the alcohol check ones (I think North Fork has those the most?), but instead the fill up your tank with gas and maybe get a few dollars reimbursed for an in-store purchase type. Would anyone happen to know which MSCs have those and what the pay usually is? Are they ever bonused?

I know Alta360 and MaritzCX have some. But, the pay in the past was like $7.00 a shop and I wasn't too enthusiastic about that. Unless I just 100% happened to be driving by, I wouldn't go out just to do a shop or two like that. Do they ever go higher?

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Gosh. I need to find the one where I get to fill up my tank with gas. Can't believe I missed that one. Yep, Maritz has a couple, of hundred, types. Alta offers some. As do Market Force, ACL and ISS companies. Some reimburse for an inside purchase and some don't. Another forum member who has more patience than I might be able to enlighten everyone on how many types and the details of the gas station shops offered by Maritz. And the others. I am no novelist. I have received much more than $7 for a Maritz shop or twelve, so yes, they bonus.

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A full tank of gas? I have never seen one of those. The largest dollar reimbursement was a few years ago when the requirement was to buy exactly 2 gallons of gas (gas prices were high) and you had to time to the second how long that took. I could never figure out how anyone did one of those in NJ or OR where full service is required by law. The ones I see usually reimburse for as low as $1 of gas up to $5 of gas. The lone exception were the long-gone Wawa gas shops which reimbursed for $10 of gas. Even that was less than 1/2 tank.

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