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How much do you guys have to make in order to sign up to do a phone call shop? I see phone call shops ranging from $2 to $15. I almost never do the $2 or $5 ones. I just don't want to bother with a phone call + report even if it's short for that amount of money. I usually do it if it's $8+.

What about you guys? Do you do a phone call shop no matter the cost?

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It depends on how much is involved in the phone call. Sometimes the call and report is 10 minutes total and I'm done. Others require a callback and waiting for a few bucks, that isn't worth it to me. Phone calls mean you don't have to leave your home. Just don't use your regular #.
This is true. But sometimes you won't know how much work it's gonna be until you accept the shop to see the guidelines. That's why I usually just go by the $ amount sad smiley
Sometimes u can get an idea of how much work is required. If the shop says to wait for a call back or you have to ask detailed and/or complicated questions and then report back, that is not worth it to me. Again, some people are disabled and do/want these calls. More power to them. I know which ones I will and won't do.
I personally don't like phone calls. I am very self conscious about the recording. They don't pay enough for me.
I know it's so weird but I do not like doing phone call shops lol.. and you would think because they can be done from home and its a quick 10 bucks but I just don't like them. I usually force myself to do them because they're "easy cash"
If they are easy and take less than 5 minutes, I'll do them for $8+. I don't do the bank calls that can take 20 minutes or more. Too much time and work for $10.
If the call takes 5 minutes or less and it's a short paragraph or two then I'll do the call. Doing the phone call is just like a regular call to a retail store or vendor. Just role play it, keep it short simple and direct. I don't make any idle chit chat on the call, just ask the questions and be done. It's great not to leave the house and use gas to drive around. That alone almost makes the phone shop worth it.
Very true! I think the majority of the time they are worth it if you have the time. No gas spent, no out of pocket expenses.
90 percent or more of my income comes from phone shops. I have done phone shops for as little as $2 all the way up to $50. I think it depends on each shopper. While I am someone who likes to work from the comforts of my home and would take any phone shops that come my way, I understand someone who won't. Phone shops are great since they take less time and there are no costs attached. They are specially helpful when you have small kids. I can do a couple even when I am sick.
Nice! I have never seen any for $50. I think the biggest one I've ever seen was for $15
There are some web shops on the Isecret job board that pay well. I did one for $50. It was 3 weeks of monitoring any response from a company after a web inquiry. There was no response at all except for an automated email. Easiest $50 I made. Other opinion panels (not MSC's) also pay well for discussions that are done online.
Oh great I need to check them out more often. I forget to look at their available web shops and phone call shops. I've never heard of "Opinion panels".. aside from survey websites that pay you 50 cents here and there hmmm I'll have to look into that.
I have done one. It was for $15, that I never got. I had to call to plan a party. I spoke to the guy for a half hour or more. It took multiple attempts to get him, with messages back and forth. It was a full report writing it up. The whole thing took around 1.5 hours of my life between the calls and the report. Apparently, part of the call did not get recorded. I did not get paid. This was one of the, "If you want X restaurant, you need to do this call AND this crappy pizza shop." You guys probably know the MSC. Never again.
Ahhhh, yes the always popular ACL. It's known on the board they do this.

Sorry to hear you didn't get paid. I stay away from those multi-step calls. I like the call and you're done shops. If they are not there, try once again and if still not there, just report that no one picked up.
One phone call I made was to a payday loan company. I nearly died when I asked what the interest rate was. I think they said 276%!!!
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