Personal gripe - getting emails for out-of-area shops. I think it's laziness on the part of schedulers. If I'm travelling out of area, I'll check for potential shops on my own. My time is valuable, also.

I'm in No. CA, getting a shop for Raleigh, NC or Albany, NY or Louisville KY, etc. is annoying. Rule-of-thumb for schedulers is 'within 50-75 miles', not 1,000 or 2,000 miles.

I'd like to hear from some schedulers on this obscure practice.

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You're getting your shorts in a bunch over nothing. Schedulers can't possibly know every geographical nuance and often the distances look much closer on a map than they actually are. Delete the "offensive" e-mail and move on.

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Besides, some folks travel and *want* to know of opportunities further from home...

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We do not send out the emails to each individual shopper. A "bulk" email is sent, and one of the options before we send it is to add in a minimum and maximum amount of shoppers to email. I personally set them to give me no less than 99, and no more than 999 shoppers to email. The system will then automatically try to accomplish finding at least 99 shoppers within 20 miles, then 30 miles, then 50 miles of the location needing to be shopped. After 50 miles, it will just give me whatever it did find, even if it is not at least 99 shoppers. Once that is done, one click sends the emails out to all of those shoppers that were found, without me knowing at all who those emails are being sent to.

As bestofbothworlds said, it is impossible for us to know the geographic layout of the whole United States. We would also never have the time to look up where every shopper lives on a map, and compare it to how far away the shop location may be. Some shoppers in our databases don't shop for a living either. If they are traveling 50 miles from home, they don't necessarily check the job board for shops like someone who does mystery shopping daily would. It raises our chances of finding a shopper for that location, which may be very difficult to fill.

One thing you can do with every MSC that I know of, is to turn off your emails completely and just log in when you have time to find shops in your area, or whichever area you may be traveling.

Edited to say that 1,000 miles is pretty ridiculous.

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Well, I'd like to add one little thing. "NE" is Nebraska, NOT "North East" or "New England".

Yes, there are schedulers who think "NE" is right next door to New York..and Connecticutt, Rhode Island, and Maine.

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So many things to get upset over ....

I'm in SoCal and will be headed to Louisville next week. Go figure.
I am MUCH more concerned that the schedulers who work the tri-state area known as the "DMV" understand that there is more traffic congestion here than in LA, (latest tests just released) and yes, it can take 90-120 minutes round trip to travel 11 miles to and from a shop. (DMV=District, Maryland, Virginia). That way, they will understand the needs for "time" bonus, rather than "distance" bonus. And, I am glad to say that many of the schedulers that I work with do get that.

I just ignore the offers for Nome.

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