Gas station audit quiz - now I feel really stupid.

I've qualified for and done several unrevealed audits for a couple of companies. They were cakewalks. Then I thought I would give a revealed audit a try. I can't even pass the quiz. Who knew there were so many different kinds of gas pumps and signs? Even with the photos in front of me I have trouble distinguishing between the fine details of similar pumps. How do you all remember all of that? I am going to find my dunce cap now and sit in the corner. sad smiley

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I don't even try; I write out a detailed "cheat sheet" and follow it religiously. And I sit in my car after I'm done, and go over the checklist one last time. That has saved my rear many, many times!
P. S. I also print out the quiz, and go through the paperwork one page at a time, marking the answers on my copy of the quiz. If I don't pass, I HOPE the MSC shows which ones I missed, and I can go back again and see if I can find the correct info.
But after I do pass the test, I save a copy in Word and highlight the correct answers. Only a few or no questions are added or deleted in the next quarter test.
I know the quiz. It is hard for me too, even after the umpteenth time taking it. It's mostly checking the guidelines closely. You can have them open while taking the quiz. It's also some trial and error. Keep track of your previous annswers. I think you get three tries. If you fail all three, call the the company and they will help.

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I am very happy to be in such goid company! I finally passed the test so I am good to go. Thanks for the tips!
I am very happy to be in such good company! I finally passed the test so I am good to go. Thanks for the tips!
Also, If it's the project & MSC I think it is, you can call in and a team member will walk you through it and help you understand.

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