Rescheduling Question

Just curious...
Does rescheduling a shop get marked against you? (Marketforce) I see a string of shops along the route we will be traveling and I'm not exactly sure of the date we will be going through, but I'd like to grab them and move the date once I know.
Thank you

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With MarketForce they allow you to reschedule yourself within the original window. I am pretty sure you can only do it one time and sometimes the original window changes and gets smaller, perhaps if they later schedule another shopper close to your shop. I have not done this in at least a year so I am not sure they still have that feature. I do not think it affects your ratings if you do this online self rescheduling.
I reschedule often because things come up and change with a route. I tend to pick the farthest date out, but then I often end up rescheduling for an earlier pick date. It does not always work out, but it is easier to knock out something sooner than planned and use a reschedule that way as opposed to delays and having to hit that final deadline with no reschedule options offered.
Some clients do allow more than one reschedule. Just don't plan on it. And if you must, try to use the Help link to request a manual reschedule. I have done that a couple of times with good success if I have had issues with traffice delays and hitting time constraints. I try to not make that a habit though. More emails make for more delays in just getting stuff done.
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