I just goofed while texting scheduler smiling smiley

So I was texting with a scheduler and my boyfriend at the same time. I just got home from my part time job at a thrift store and had been really proud of my new $1 kitty cat wine glass. I sent a pic to my boyfriend with the glass completely full..or so I thought. When I got another text from the scheduler, it said HAHA awesome, and I thought that was weird since I said that I couldn't do the shop, seeing as though it's a 70 minute ferry ride away, I realized what I had done and said sorry but she replied that it's not the weirdest thing that she's been texted. LOL! I'm so glad she was a good sport about it. Has anyone else made a wee mistake like that?

Shopping the South Jersey Shore

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Noooo but that's too funny! Hey, you made yourself memorable (in a good way I think). Glad you weren't sexting!
When I first started video shopping I was doing a lot of work for 2 companies. I was doing some shops for one company and they emailed me about doing another nearby shop that was an emergency. So I try to do the shop but there was a problem with the location and I wasn't able to complete it. As I'm leaving I get a call from another company owner wanting me to do a test shop for someone. So I'm pretty new, and certainly this is the first time I've talked to actual company owners, and I got confused. So I'm like oh I just left that super duper emergency shop and wasn't able to do it blah blah blah. The company owner is like what on earth are you talking about...…..


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Oh, gosh. I' ve texted a particular scheduler about a shop for an unrelated company.

Color me embarrassed.

Furthermore, if I had a dollar for every mistake I've done MSing, I could retire. It would probably be more than the profit I have made, LOL!!!

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Yes I texted the head of security for a big Vegas club a photo of my really delicious room service dinner. I thought I was texting a friend. My iPhone had other plans. They were a good sport about it.
Ugh! I hate when this happens! Luckily, it hasn't been with a scheduler or MSC, etc.

Once, I accidentally texted a sort of mean message to a mom of a kid I babysit. I said, "I love X, but Y is such a mean and hateful person and I can't stand her and will never have anything to do with her." I was talking to my cousin about a couple of my aunts. I felt like such a mean and vindictive person to have this be sent to someone who knows NONE of the history and personalities involved.

I also texted a friend a sext that was intended for my husb once (!!!!) Yikes

Seems like sometimes my phone has a mind of its own and it's sort of like static electricity or something that makes it scroll and then post....

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I texted one of the owners of the antique co-op in which I have a booth, thinking it was a friend of mine. It was something to the effect that I was sorry I'd been out of touch, but I'd been sick and life was really crazy right then. I got a concerned text back from her asking if she should come over to the co-op and what could she do to help! To be fair, her phone # was similar to my friend's but not similar enough that I should have made that mistake!

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I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
I was just married and had left my job back home. We used to rent an apartment after we got married. I became friends with a nice woman my age on the same floor. I was using Google Chat and we were planning to have tea in the afternoon. I left a message saying that the door was open and she could come in anytime. To my embarrassment, I sent that message to my ex boss!!

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An while back I was out and about doing some things. I was in an parked space (I don't text and drive like most people do) and I was texting my wife and my boss at the same time.

I replied I am so proud of you !! I sent that to my boss but that was suppose to go to the wife. When I did my boss was out with her husand and they were eating supper.

The next day when I saw my boss at work, I told her that message was for my wife. Luckly my boss, and her hubsand, and I got a laugh out of it . She figured I was also talking to my wife at the same time smiling smiley
I have got a few weird texts from shoppers in the past. I don't think they meant to send "I love you" to me at least LOL. Some of the others I cannot post.
You never know, Pete. Some people really love their schedulers. smiling smiley

Shopping the South Jersey Shore
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