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I received a $2000 check from this company to do mystery shopping for a store, is this company reputable and how can they send a check and not guarantee someone isn’t going to just deposit the check and pay bills or something and NOT do the assignment ????????‍♀️???? The check looks legit.

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When you deposit the check it will bounce and you will be on the hook for the $2k. KSS is a legitimate company, this check did not come from them.

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This is a nasty scam that has been victimizing quite a few folks. Do not deposit the check.

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Take the check to the police. If it was mailed to you, contact the US Postal Inspectors. This is a vicious scam, and KSS is only one of the companies being impersonated.

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We are 100% legit, but this did not come from us. We are a scheduling company that schedules for several mystery shop companies. We are never the ones to pay you, our client's pay you.
I've done several jobs with KSS with no issues at all, they have always paid on time and never sent me a check for a large amount. Do worry about working for this company they are legit.
Just a heads up. We are a scheduling company. KSS does not ever pay you. We are not responsible for paying you. We schedule shops for mystery shop companies that pay you.

One of the "perks" of shopping the shops you see through us, is that we do not do business with fraudulent companies. If it is truly through us, on our actual site, the company that is responsible for paying you will do so, as long as the shop was done correctly.

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