I'll never understand schedulers sometimes

The day before I'm in a particular area in my state, I apply for two jobs on this MSC's job board that are listed on a monthly basis. I even send an email to the scheduler (of whom I receive an out of office reply), as well as secondary scheduler to assign me the jobs.

24 hours go by, and I'm 30 minutes away from job #1 at 10:30 am. I've had zero response from this scheduler. I send a second email to the secondary scheduler regarding the jobs, as well as the MSC owner. I allow a full day to go by until I'm in the process of returning home, and check my email, spam mail, and other filters. Zero response from this MSC.

At this point, I delete both applications for the two jobs. I figured that zero response over three days is enough. However, in opening my email this morning at 8:15 AM, I receive a blanket email sent to shoppers from this MSC for jobs that they desperately needed completed, to include the two that I applied for.

I've completed both locations a little more than 18 months ago, and have been asked to return multiple times. So I know that this isn't a rotation issue with me. Yet to completely ignore me when I'm in position to complete both jobs, and then email others to say that you desperately need the work done due to your monthly contract requirement is just unacceptable.

Not all schedulers are like this. However, I seriously doubt that I'll utilize these schedulers in the near future, particularly when they really need help the most.

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You are preaching to the choir.
I detest nonresponsive schedulers!

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
Sometimes I think it's more the norm than not.

I, too, have this happen with great regularity.

But I hate it even worse when you leave early, drive quite a distance, complete a highly bonused shop, get home to do the report, and find the shop was cancelled about an hour and a half AFTER you completed it.
Cease posts--But I hate it even worse when you leave early, drive quite a distance, complete a highly bonused shop, get home to do the report, and find the shop was cancelled about an hour and a half AFTER you completed it.

Bob's comment--One is either paid, the cancellation of which is irrelevant, or stiffed. This has never happened to me, and I am a believer in not stating what I would or would not do in a situation of the future, but this is an exception. If I am stiffed by any company, be it an MSC or not, I immediately terminate our relationship. Anyone can get me once, but no one can twice.
The same thing happened here. There are 4 fitness center jobs that they are begging someone to do. I applied and after a week I heard nothing, yet every day I received emails begging us to help them out. I checked and I do not have a bad rating with this company apparently they just only want us to believe the shops really need to be done. Which sadly makes me think the next time they actually call me I will probably say no if you can't respond to me online why should I help you now.
Sent a screen shot of my credit score to an Informa scheduler at 6 PM for last night for a job. She sends out a request looking for a shopper for the EXACT job I applied for via e-mail (they aren't listed on the website) at 11:51 this morning.

When I asked why I wasn't assigned the shop, Bridgette replied at 11:59 AM that:

"It means someone already has it assigned to them. We only have limited amount of spaces."

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Oof, the lies are so bad there @wrosie. If someone is gonna lie to me they should put a little effort in.
@bgriffin wrote:

You are preaching to the choir.
I detest nonresponsive schedulers!

This exactly ^^^^ smiling smiley

The thing that gets me the most frustrated is when I figure out that I will be going to Denver or somewhere out of town for a day and try to pick up 3-5 shops to make that one day profitable. And then I end up never hearing back from a couple schedulers....

I suppose that's part of the reason I've never done routes. I feel like in order to do a route, I'd need to get all the shops I need to make it so that I can make a big buck for the time/energy/gas doing the route...but then not even getting some of the shops would make all that deflate....and I'd still have to go and spend the time/energy/gas doing the shops that I DID get assigned...and now it's not such a good profit.
I was doing a trip to a smal town on the other cost. An MSC which I do regular work for has open shops there. I enter my applications. Nothing. I email the scheduler advising I will be there on X date.. Nothing. I make the trip, delete the applications as I am leaving town. Two weeks later they are assigned to me to complete the same day. I.send a note to the scheduler who responds, this time, saying 'you said you would be there. I didn't think the date would be a big deal for you.' Wow.

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Hi Wrosie,

I can see how that would be confusing. We typically offer shops that have various credit bands. Bridgette's email was for a wide range of scores and it was most likely the credit band that you were in was filled. I do agree that emails should be updated to reflect the most current shops available. The reason they are not always updated is usually because the scheduler forgot to edit a portion of the email.

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I had a phone shop with the wrong guidelines. I asked the scheduler to fix it and she replied "Just do it". Appalling! I completed the shop taking clues from the eval form. My shop was approved but after a few days, the scheduler sent an email to all the shoppers to wait until she fixed the guidelines.
I always remind myself when they are glibly talking about "easy" that their job is to schedule the shops. Thats their only job. I can't count on a scheduler to understand my concerns. I had an email today talking about an "easy" shop. It requires two interactions, waits of up to 10 minutes for each, and a purchase and return. phhht.
Bare still hasn't answered my email about why I'm not getting two jobs in my town and they remain on the board.
I asked if age is the reason, just tell me and I'll stop applying. Nothing, so rude, this company is on the bottom of my list, pay is so low, why I apply is a mystery.

Live consciously....
I just started a thread about schedulers. I was called before 9am today and accepted a last-minute job that I have to leave for in 15 minutes and it's still not posted on my assignment list. I called her 40 minutes ago and she said "give me a minute to post it." Still not there!
Oh, that's nothing, NY. I was on the road and a scheduler called me at 11 AM and offered me a shop 70 miles out of my way (140 miles round trip), due 4 PM that same day. Bonus was worth it, so I said sure, get it scheduled and I'll head there now. Stopped an hour later to check my e-mail. Not assigned. E-mailed the scheduler. Kept driving. Got there half an hour before the shop was to start. Still not assigned. Texted her I would wait half an hour, then I had to leave for home because I was 5 hours away from home.

Shop never assigned. Got an e-mail from her 8 AM the next day: What happened? Why didn't you do that shop yesterday? Can you do it today (no, and hell no -- I'm not driving 500 miles again today!).

From 11 AM to 5 PM, the shop did not get assigned. It was due at 4 PM.

So I drove 140 miles for her, didn't earn a dime.

I don't take her jobs anymore.
That is plain rude and awful, she should be charged for your time ad gas.

Live consciously....
Don't really want to change the thread, but along the same lines, I once put in a Make an Offer bid of $20 for a shop. Declined.
Next day they call offering $25 for the same shop. I took it, but was like SMH.

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I do a certain company in my town, two different restaurants, and the company got a new scheduler that keeps writing fun emails begging to do jobs in places unheard and not in my radius. I just wrote her telling (asking) her to stop. Never got these before her, geez, read a shoppers radius and get with the program.

Live consciously....
Yeah tomorrow I am leaving town and doing some shops along the way. Have been waiting for 2 days to hear if I was assigned a job that has been sitting on their log for 3 weeks now. Going to cancel my application now as I am fearful of it being assigned to me when I have left the area - just ugh.
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