I hope I didn't come across as rude to a scheduler today!

I received a call today from a scheduler asking me to pick up a gardening center shop, that I love to do in normal weather. She called just as I was finishing several shops in the 105 degree and humid day in Phoenix today. I was sooo hot when she called and I blurted out, " No way, I'm not walking thru an outdoor garden center when it's 105 degrees out." In retrospect, I don't even think I thanked her for calling. All I wanted to do was go back to drinking my ice water (I was in my car --- parked --- doing a burger shop, not even wanting to eat, it was so hot!). So Ms/Miss/Mrs Scheduler, if that was you, I apologize for my abruptness!!!

While I am talking about the weather, I do wish that some of these shops could be modified time-wise, so we can shop in non-peak heat, perhaps early morning in Phoenix. Here our hottest time of the day is around 4-6 PM. And of course that is when one of my grocery shops needs to be done. It's brutal just walking in the parking lot, let alone trying to bring frozen foods home. I know we have to please the clients and they think they are having us shop during peak business hours, but that is not so much the case in the southwest!

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If Karin or especially Kate called, no problem. If it was the third woman, she will take it the wrong way but will keep calling anyway.
Let's see August, Phoenix and 105 degrees, sounds like a cool front. I remember 115 degrees when I lived there. It does get warm haha!
May be worth a call back to apologize if.yoi feel badly about how you responded. It happens to the best of us.
You can always send a quick email saying something like, "If the shop comes up again, I'd love to do a morning garden shop for you, when it's not triple digits, here in ______". She might not have realized....or even been that concerned about... But it gives her a go to next month. (being proactive - deja vu - diff thread)

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There's a lot of humidity in Phoenix in the summer monsoon season. And with our temps, it's brutal!
"It's brutal just walking in the parking lot," Same problem here in Chicagoland after snowstorms in January and Feb!
Humid is living on St. Simons Island, Georgia. 70-80 % humidity is common. I had nosebleeds for months in Phoenix, so dry. The daily average humidity in Phoenix is 37%, 23% in the afternoon. Miss the dry air!!!
I grew up in Destin, FL. Humidity close to 100% most of the time. I don't miss summer there. I visit family in Phoenix during the winter every couple of years. I do love the dry air, but the air quality isn't so great and I usually develop a cough. I guess the pollution gets trapped by the mountains, that and other particulates floating around because there is no humidity to damper it down. And forget the haboobs!!!!
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