Are Santander, Fulton and Investors Bank shopped?

I used to do shops at these banks, but the programs ended (at least with the MSCs they were with back then). Does anyone know if they are currently being shopped? I understand we cannot identify the MSC, but I'd like to know if they are shopped at all. If not, it's time to close some of my checking accounts. smiling smiley

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I closed my Investors a/c after the program ended. I haven't seen it elsewhere. Same with Santander, but I still have the account. I see it once in awhile as a competitor, but as far as I know they don't have the program anymore. I did do some well paying ATM shops for Santander that required timings of deposit and w/d. They were with a different company as well and were not only for Santander. I love doing teller shops. They are so fast and easy.

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I used to shop all three. Fulton ended at least 5 years ago. I still have the account and bought their stock. Santander ended about 3 years ago. I have closed the account. Investor Bank still pops up occasionally, but for new account inquiries only, so I closed that account but bought the stock.

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Thanks everyone.

I love teller shops. So quick and easy, and always bonused in my area. Fulton, especially, was a gold mine. Several $30 to $40 locations every month. *Sigh*
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