Repeat Topic with Different Goals - What does it take to Build A Relationship with an MSC or Another Shopper

The goal of this question has 3 objectives 1) Identify specifics that answer the question and 2) Broadcast it mainly for newbies, and 3) Get specific feedback from MSC's.

Having presented this topic a couple times, here are my answers to #1
1) Present yourself in person to MSC's in a professional manner. This means LOOK professional, ACT professional, and SPEAK with a high degree of correct grammar. Think of it as being LAS not an a#$.
2) Do what is expected. That means turn in well written reports, on time, and responding quickly to any questions.
3) Do more than is expected. Accept shops that help out your scheduler. That means hard to fill and applying up front to do shops early in the schedule.

Any other constructive responses?

LET ME BROADCAST THIS! Life is good. I did not say it was "perfect", but it is good. Perfect leaves me something more to strive for while enjoying where I am smiling smiley

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How do you meet your MSCs in person? An MSC that I am a reliable shopper for is local to me, but I never went to their office.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I think that Cure means IF AND WHEN, you present in person. Conferences come to mind.

I will add a few things that have helped me to build relationships with schedulers:

1. Do not cancel; ask to reschedule if that is possible. Let the scheduler know that, "if you have to reassign instead of rescheduling this shop, I will, of course, understand." You may be amazed at how likely it is that the scheduler will work with you.

2. If you have to reschedule, say why. Even if the real why is, "I screwed up and put it on a date when I should have realized that I cannot do it!

3. We often have to present schedulers with bad news. (Target avoiding me; have to reschedule; I went at the wrong time/to the wrong place. So, when I have good news, I email to share it. (Success! I tracked down the elusive target/discovered where the store has relocated to/did the shop right this time!)

4. I have been to at least 10 IMSC conferences and have met a ton of schedulers, editors, and MSC owners/managers. At a conference, they are often able to get things straightened out that have gone awry with a shopper's account. One looked up my history and said that there was absolutely no reason why I should not be seeing all of their hotel shops. She get the ban lifted in about 5 seconds flat.

5. I have made it a point to meet schedulers of local companies, in person, (not at a conference.) Moreover, I have put out a standing invitation to schedulers that, if they are within 30 miles of DC, let's meet for coffee. Several, over the years, have taken me up one that. (As have shoppers from other parts of the country.)

6. If offered/cajoled to do shops that I definitely do not want, I say why, in a professional manner, and state that if they ever need someone to do certain complicated shops that do NOT need, i.e., split second timing/a dinner partner, etc,. I am their gal!

7. If I need more time for a report, I email to say that the shop is done, the POV is in hand and that the report will be filed in the morning. If on a multi-day route, due dates are negotiated, in advance.

None of this requires kow-tow-ing, bribery, or plying anyone with food and wine.

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Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.

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