$7 Background Check for a $10 Audit?

I just signed up with a new company and clicked on a potential job, and it says I need to pay $7 for a background check before I can accept the assignment. I’ve not run across any company requiring a background check before today. I don’t have a problem with it, but I’ll only net $3! Has anyone paid money for a background check?

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The Source requires background checks in order to do business and I-9 verifications. For a single assignment, the background check fee is significant, but I do many a year. It is just one minor cost of doing business. I have not had to pay for background checks with any other company.

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The Source is requiring background checks for the Verification work, however, they used to pay for it, no longer.
I as well need to re-apply (start from the beginning), and t's more the principal than the money...they have my information, but choose to charge...small and petty, the Source needs to continue to cover this. These jobs have also come down in pay and some have a lot of detailed work and many pictures. I'm over it, but enjoyed many of these jobs through the years.

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Think of it as an investment. You will be offered a lot of work after you get it.

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That's true, work you should be paid much more for, been there, done that!!

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I actually think that a fairer option for the Source would be to reimburse the cost if you do xx many audits. I went ahead and got the two year background check the last time but do resent that they do not reimburse in some fashion.
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