Testing hot dog temp

Anyone got any info on these shops? IDK if they are a big pain or just OK. Fee is decent but seems like a lot of pics and requirements plus you have to do them with an associate? Just feeling around. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Since you have not named the MSC, if you name the client, someone might recognize this as a shop that they know about.

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@French Farmer wrote:

Pardon the baloney, but they sound a weenie bit hard.

Let me be frank with you; I've never been so grilled.
Love the puns! This is a C store and there are many on the board. They are not exactly being jumped on so I have been wondering? Do they send you a device to help you check the temperature of the hot dog? After you check it you dump it in the trash.
They are the Circle K audits, not mystery shops, is that what you are talking about? Since you did not name the MSC I can name the client. They used to be okay (with a bonus) before they added the photo requirements. I did them at $40+ each. Depending on the size of the store, they can take over an hour and should be done on the app or you will be spending a LOT of time reporting. The store has the thermometer for the grill items.

Edited to add that now that they require photos, I would not do one for less than $50, and that would have to be if the location was within 20 miles of home or I would expect more.

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Thanks JASFLAMT that was what I needed. Don"t think I will be hot-dogging to take these shops at the stated fee.
Rest assured, someone else will. Eventually they will get tired of it and you can ask for a nice bonus...or maybe not. Some people just keep grinding out audits and shops at a meager fee. IDK why.
@amberngriffinco wrote:

About 20 yrs ago there was a chain that required you to check temp of their burgers.
I stabbed myself with a thermometer in the dark in the area between my thumb and index finger doing that shop.
The MSC sent me an infrared thermometer several years ago to measure the temperature of the hot dog. I only did the shop a few times before I got banned from doing shops for that client. I still have the thermometer. It was a C-store but not Circle K.
Yes. Cirlce K has their own thermometers and their store associate or manager is the one who does the temp taking. It's timing when the store is not going to be busy that's the key here: if you go at hours when the manager is not there and the store associates don't know the answers to some questions or are too busy to help you, it could be a really long audit.
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