Are Mod Pizza, Zoup! or Cafe Zupas still being shopped?

I was doing all these shops religiously. Zupas was gone from the MSC I had been working with since the beginning of the year. Zoup! was gone around the same time. Mod appears to have just disappeared. I wanted to see if they are with a new MSC or not being shopped all together, which I know happens.

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I used to do Mod's but haven't seen it for ages...there is another Rev pizza that is now done by the same MSC.

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I haven't seen or done MOD since September.

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Speaking of Pizza, I went to lunch at Blaze today and it is a shadow of it's former self since the mystery shop program stopped. No one, for the entire hour I was there, cleared tables and every empty table had leftovers in pizza pans on them when I first walked in. My friends and I had to buss someone else's debris so we could sit down. There was a big delay waiting for someone to come to start my meat and veggie section. No one asked about more, oregano , salt etc. They were totally out of pesto and the response from the server about if it would return was unintelligible. They were out of the Blood orange lemonade. No please, thank you, how does this look. I am ready to go back to work as a mystery shopper to make them better...again. And the price went up.
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